Lumos® 3

Light is OSRAM

06.06.2018 | Products

Show your products in their best light

Well-lit presentation areas in food retail draw attention to products and boost sales. Individually customizable accent lighting is a prerequisite for optimized product presentations. Whether the illumination is horizontal or vertical, Lumos® 3 shows your products in their best light and the highest visual quality possible. Its flexible configuration allows the length, colors and light distribution to be adapted to customer requirements.

At a glance

  • Highly efficient LED system with long service life – Wide range of applications such as chiller display cabinets and counters
  • IP20-protected for a variety of applications such as chiller display cabinets, counters, and cold rooms
  • IP65-protection designs for use in freezers
  • System flexibility through variable lengths, color temperatures, light distribution and color filters
  • Smooth surfaces, easy to clean

Everything but the name is new

Increased product efficiency contributes to our customers’ environmental performance and reduces their operating costs. The overhead luminaire with increased luminous flux makes the use of additional shelf lighting superfluous. Colored covers optimize the presentation of meat products. As no changes have been made in the design or luminance of the luminaires, they can be easily combined with the Lumos® 2 models without requiring any changes to dimensions or drawings. Existing Lumos® 2 installations can easily be upgraded or replaced with Lumos® 3 products. The light colors, CRI, light distribution and mounting accessories also remain compatible with the predecessor model. And, in line with the amended VDE standard prohibiting connectors with a diameter of <4mm, which could be inserted into electrical sockets, the Lumos® 3 connectors comply with EN 61995-2 and the VDE standard. The new IP65-protected design allows the luminaire to be used in freezers or cold storage facilities.

A flexible system for maximum adaptation

Energy-efficient LED technology makes Lumos®3 cost-effective and powerful. Delivering a system efficiency of up to 137lm/W and a low power consumption of 6 W/10 W, the flexible system offering horizontal and vertical models allows the lengths and light colors to be customized as required. The streamlined profile makes it particularly suitable for use in confined spaces. With an excellent color rendering of up to >85 CRI, Lumos® 3 ensures optimum product presentation. The light is distributed directly and evenly, without reflections, shadows or glare.

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