Modario PM: Light is productive

LED trunking solution for industrial areas with high visual demands

01.06.2017 | Products

Workers need ideal visual conditions with high levels of visual comfort for the safe operation of machinery. Precisely this is achieved by Modario® PM (Performance).

The variants with clear lens or lens with diffuse scatter particles both achieve very good glare reduction with UGR values between < 19 and < 24 (depending on type). Even the versions with measurably higher values still generate no subjectively perceptible impression of glare. This is ideal for e.g. industrial areas where precision mechanical work or quality testing is carried out.

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Custom-designed for tough demands

Various lumen outputs are available, optionally with DALI or multi-lumen functionality. The housing is made of high quality aluminium

  • Two lumen classes: ~6,500 lm / ~10,000 lm
  • with multi-lumen on/off ECG or DALI
  • High glare control to UGR <19 (depending on type)
  • High visual comfort with direct and indirect light

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