Full flexibility with just one luminaire family

24.09.2018 | Products

APOLLON® is the sophisticated luminaire family for office and general lighting. Glare-free, integrative and a pleasant light atmosphere all thanks to uniform light distribution in a timelessly discreet design. APOLLON® is designed as a versatile luminaire family. With its recessed, surface-mounted and pendant versions in various sizes, it is suitable for almost all common applications in a building. For harmonious building lighting from a single source.

The uniform light distribution of APOLLON® creates good contrasts and conveys a harmonious overall impression with standard-compliant light. Reflected and direct glare is avoided. This increases visual comfort and well-being. The basis is the special microprismatic cover with lateral light injection for homogeneously illuminated light surfaces without visible light points. This provides a quick and easy way of designing with light. The luminaires appear as "light windows" which can be grouped to form light ceilings.

APOLLON® at a glance

  • Homogeneous LED light window with uniform light distribution UGR . 19
  • BAP-compatible according to EN 12464-1 for screens with high luminances
  • Efficient and economical replacement for T5 and T8 louvre luminaires
  • Elegant design thanks to flat construction with high-quality white frame
  • Flexibility in assembly (recessed, surface-mounted and suspended versions) and in areas of application (computer workstations, conference rooms and traffic zones)
  • Integrated junction box for quick installation and easy through-wiring

Flexibility and good light

These are central elements of the APOLLON® family. Its low overall height and clear design create a particularly elegant visual effect that blends harmoniously into the room architecture. The characteristic feature of APOLLON® is the absolutely homogeneous luminous surface. This minimizes reflected glare, light-dark contrasts and shadows. As a recessed luminaire, it offers the possibility of designing with light. The luminaires appear as "light windows" which can be grouped into luminous ceilings. This makes APOLLON® suitable for almost all applications in offices (suitable for monitor workstations with UGR ≤ 19) and in public buildings.

Quick and easy installation

The well thought-out installation concept allows direct replacement of existing luminaires without the need for time-consuming new cabling. At the same time, all variants can be easily through-wired (up to 2.5 mm2) thanks to the integrated connection box. The closed design also minimizes soiling and maintenance costs. The optional accessories allow further types of mounting:

  • Recessed
  • Surface
  • Suspended (in preparation)

Renovation made easy

With its standard dimensions and low connected loads, the APOLLON® represents a low-maintenance and energy-efficient alternative to conventional louvre luminaires. This allows energy savings of up to 55 % compared to comparable T5 or T8 recessed luminaires. The 625 x 625 variants are particularly suitable when a solution is sought for the direct replacement of four-lamp, square T5 or T8 luminaires (4 x 18 W and 4 x 14 W).

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