Silica®- light is shaping

Clear contours and pleasant light

24.09.2018 | Products

As the newest member of the Siteco Office family, Silica® stands for flexible lighting solutions in architectural environments. Light becomes a special design element and at the same time creates a pleasant room atmosphere. Flexibility is the be-all and end-all. Its puristic design means that Silica® is ideal for lighting offices, traffic routes, foyers and communication zones. Thanks to its individual configurability, large parts public buildings, for example, can be uniformly and efficiently equipped with a lighting solution.


  • individual and open-plan offices
  • communal spaces
  • entrance areas
  • stairwells
  • meeting areas
  • corridors and halls

Silica® focuses on maximum flexibility, low complexity and an integrative design, thus enabling the best lighting results for a large number of projects in offices and public buildings. Whether recessed, surface-mounted or suspended luminaire, Silica® discreetly adapts to the design and lighting requirements of the building.

At a glance

  • Light line luminaire in two lengths > 1440/2880mm
  • High lumen output and best efficiency (up to 150lm/W)
  • 4,500/9,000 lm packages with direct lighting variant
  • 6,750/13,500 lm packages with direct and indirect lighting variants
  • ≤UGR 19 / ≤cd/m²
  • Recessed, surfaced-mounted or suspended installation
  • Asymmetrical wall lighting
  • Compact design: 64x64 mm
  • Housing color: anodized aluminum and white (powder-coated)

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