14.11.2017 | Trade Press

Osram gains an award for its facade lighting of the Zhuhai Grand Theatre

A dynamic LED light facade from Osram now transforms the shell-shaped Zhuhai Grand Theatre into an unforgettable landmark.

A dynamic LED light facade from Osram now transforms the shell-shaped Zhuhai Grand Theatre into an unforgettable landmark. [...]

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08.11.2017 | Trade Press

National Theater in Munich takes on a new glow

The National Theater in Munich is now clad in a new cloak of LED light

The new LED façade illumination accentuates the qualities of the neoclassical building and turns the National Theater into another nighttime highlight of [...]

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30.10.2017 | Trade Press

Osram supports “Healthy Offices” survey

The latest surveys verify the effectiveness of “Human Centric Lighting” solutions in offices

A research project conducted by Twente University, The Free University Amsterdam and the property consultant CBRE Holland once again confirms the interplay [...]

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18.09.2017 | Trade Press

Balgheim district upgrades to sustainable LED streetlighting

More than 200 outdoor LED luminaires from Osram Lighting Solutions bathe the municipality of Balgheim in new light

Thanks to the refurbishment of their lighting the southern Baden district in Germany achieves not only distinctly improved quality of light but also significantly [...]

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16.08.2017 | Trade Press

Siemens Flow Instruments puts its trust in sustainable lighting solutions from Osram

Innovative luminaires and lighting control options from Osram Lighting Solutions illuminate the newly constructed expertise centre in the Danish city of Sønderborg

State-of-the-art LED technology guarantees high-output, efficient and long-life lighting for both indoors and outdoors. [...]

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Apollon creates uniform light windows in rooms

Apollon from Osram is a diverse, VDU-compliant (UGR19) LED luminaire for electrical contractors who place importance on both an intelligent light concept [...]

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05.07.2017 | Trade Press

Osram offers the SiCompact range of floodlights for the efficient LED lighting of surfaces and areas

High quality workmanship, state-of-the-art lighting technology and a high IP66 protection rating make SiCompact LED floodlights from Osram the premier choice for [...]

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29.06.2017 | Trade Press

Modario PM: Osram develops trunking solution for industrial areas with high visual demands

The LED continuous row luminaire Modario PM (Performance) from Osram provides pleasant, glare-free and yet very bright illumination in challenging industrial [...]

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02.06.2017 | Trade Press

Accent lighting in the retail sector with Punctoled from Osram

The Punctoled product range from Osram scores in basic retail trade applications thanks to its outstanding price-performance ratio and short payback imes [...]

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18.05.2017 | Trade Press

Osram LED luminaires ensure best lighting conditions at the Telfs Climbing Centre

Osram developed a customised, high-performance and efficient LED lighting solution for the climbing centre, enabling cost-efficient operation of the system and [...]

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01.05.2017 | Trade Press

Innovative "Apartimentum" smart home building based on intelligent lighting solutions from Osram

XING founder Lars Hinrichs has constructed a building in Hamburg, Germany in the form of the "Apartimentum" that is far superior to many other residences across [...]

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04.05.2017 | Trade Press

Osram develops a smart lighting solution for a historic plaza in Treviso

Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti in Treviso radiates in new splendour: the new LED lighting concept from Osram emphasises the cultural importance of the square and [...]

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04.04.2017 | Trade Press

Playing field lighting at the highest technical level

Osram illuminates a football pitch in Hochstadt, Germany with innovative LED floodlight system

Osram Lighting Solutions planned and implemented new, innovative pitch lighting together with the 1st FC 1911 Hochstadt e. V. football club [...]

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09.02.2017 | Trade Press

Car park luminaire from Osram for greater energy efficiency and safety

Maximum safety for people and vehicles in publicly-used car parks is optimally achieved with the new Siteco luminaire Compact Monsun LED Parking [...]

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30.01.2017 | Trade Press

DL 50 LED: perfectly matched lighting design for the complete city

Optimum lighting design for urban spaces and traffic routes is based on high functionality for differing applications and a harmoniously coordinated overall [...]

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21.03.2017 | Trade Press

An individually designable luminaire range from Osram ideally displays retail merchandise

The Vistosa track spot from Osram Lighting Solutions allows a wide diversity of merchandise to be displayed in the very best [...]

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01.03.2017 | Trade Press

Scriptus luminaire range from Osram for individual light in offices

Placing people at the centre of modern office lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) puts people with their biological, emotional and visual needs at the centre [...]

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06.02.2017 | Trade Press

Osram acquires lighting services provider Maneri-Agraz

Texas-based company to join Osram service division Sylvania Lighting Solutions

Osram has strengthened its service business in the U.S. and acquired a national provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions in commercial and industrial facilities.

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16.01.2017 | Trade Press

Osram illuminates the new Siemens headquarters in Munich

Premium-quality LED solutions in almost all building areas

The new Siemens corporate headquarters in Munich, Germany has a forward-looking and variable spatial design and utilisation concept.

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06.12.2016 | Trade Press

The new DL 30 LED perfectly illuminates towns and cities

Highly diverse design possibilities for urban environments

The new, decorative DL 30 LED town and park luminaire from Osram radiantly illuminates towns and cities.

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23.11.2016 | Trade Press

Osram Wins Global SSL Showcase Top 100 Award

"Two Rivers and Four Banks"

Osram Lighting Solutions was distinguished with the Global SSL Showcase Top 100 Award by the International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA) for its spectacular [...]

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04.11.2016 | Trade Press

Osram enhances expertise in Smart City

by acquiring a stake in the Dutch software specialist Tvilight

The lighting maker will hold 47.5 percent of the company, which offers sensor technology and smart light management software for smart city solutions, among other [...]

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06.10.2016 | Trade Press

More flexibility for efficient lighting

The new Modario PS Multilumen trunking system

Osram expands its successful Modario PS LED trunking range with the Multilumen version.

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25.08.2016 | Trade Press

Osram develops innovative luminaires for livestock stables with outstanding ammonia resistance and energy efficiency

Monsun 2 LED damp-proof luminaire

Modern stable lighting in livestock production has special demands: high humidity and frequently high levels of dust and ammonia provide challenging conditions for [...]

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23.05.2016 | Trade Press

Osram transforms the Noma Earth Tubes into an interactive light installation

Municipal refurbishment project in the north of Manchester

The impressive Noma Earth Tubes with a height of 5.60 metres are part of the 80,000 square metre Noma municipal refurbishment project in the north of Manchester.

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12.05.2016 | Trade Press

Quadruple success for Osram at the Lighting Design Awards

Philharmonie Szczecin in Poland

The winners of the Lighting Design Awards were distinguished for the fortieth time in London.

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28.04.2016 | Trade Press

Human Centric Lighting in the Memory Centre of the St. Augustinus Hospitals, Neuss

Focus on people and their needs for light

The St. Augustinus hospitals (AMZ) memory centre was inaugurated in December 2015 in Neuss, Germany.

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25.04.2016 | Trade Press

Scriptus for professional office lighting

Efficiency meets design

The Scriptus office luminaire designed by the renowned Berlin design studio Aisslinger is featuring a modern, progressive design as well as outstanding efficiency [...]

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14.04.2016 | Trade Press

Light for areas and sports

Floodlight 20 Maxi LED

With the Floodlight 20 Maxi LED, Osram offers a floodlight for lighting sports locations with flicker-free lighting for HDTV broadcasting and super slow motion.

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07.04.2016 | Trade Press

Intelligent light for VW parking garage saves 65% in energy

Greater efficiency and safety

LED luminaires and intelligent light control from Osram installed in the VW employee parking garage at Baunatal have a payback duration of three years.

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13.03.2016 | Trade Press

Osram Lighting Solutions makes cities even smarter

Light + Building 2016

Osram shows intelligent lighting solutions for smart cities.

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19.02.2016 | Trade Press

Light According to Needs

Human Centric Lighting

Osram supplies an intelligent lighting solution for offices at the Bavarian State Medical Board.

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15.02.2016 | Trade Press

Osram awarded the iF Design Award 2016

LED road luminaire range Streetlight 20 LED

Streetlight 20 LED is based on efficient lens technology and provides an economic way of illuminating roads, paths, railway infrastructures, parking lots and [...]

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04.02.2016 | Trade Press

LED lighting solutions from Osram support the Havi Logistics sustainability initiative

Energy audits as the basis for lighting refurbishment

Osram Lighting Solutions has drawn up a cross-location LED lighting concept for Havi Logistics.

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20.01.2016 | Trade Press

Osram supplies the Schmuttertal Secondary School with Modern Daylight Lighting

Daylight systems

In the newly constructed Schmuttertal secondary school in Diedorf Germany, micro sun shielding louvres from the Osram subsidiary Siteco create natural lighting in [...]

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