Licross: more than light

Licross from Osram enables applications far exceeding just light

21.03.2018 | Trade Press

Licross Trunking System

With the new Licross trunking system, Osram Lighting Solutions provides a flexible and future-capable basis for many applications in industry and retail. The system forms the backbone for all lighting tasks and also offers many highly useful features above and beyond the light thanks to an extensive portfolio of sensors, the e:cue Sympholight light control software and cloud-based data management.

As a holistic lighting solution, Licross supports modern industrial companies to increase their operational efficiency and optimise production processes. The system provides you with an overview of resources such as employees, energy and systems and you can also identify potential for optimisation and immediately trigger measures for improvements. Sensors can be integrated into the trunking system at any time, for example for daylight-dependent or motion-dependent light control, monitoring of ambient conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity) and hall utilisation. In combination with the cloud-based Symphograph data management system, energy consumption data and maintenance status data (for predictive maintenance) of the lighting installation can be recorded, analysed and visualised, as well as information about ambient conditions and movement- and utilisation profiles within a hall (heat mapping). Symphograph runs on Osram's new Lightelligence cloud platform and uses the services specifically developed for the lighting industry.

The new trunking system features a functional design and also scores with high levels of flexibility and investment safety. It can also be modified at any time to changes in room use and can be expanded with additional sensors. The robust range of luminaires is available up to a protection rating of IP64 and offers many light inserts with new lighting technologies for all possible industrial and retail applications. The tunable white version for example enables colour temperature and light intensity to simulate the course of daylight, thereby activating the biorhythm of employees. Such Human Centric Lighting solutions support the concentration and performance capacity of workers and can therefore also improve levels of productivity at the workplace.

Einstone transmitter units (intelligent beacons for location-based services) can be integrated to e.g. support the retail trade in understanding customer routes and display merchandise and advertising campaigns in eye-catching ways. Dealers can also communicate with customers via mobile end devices to attract their attention to special offers for example.

The new trunking system Licross from Osram enables applications far exceeding just light.

Licross Trunking System
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