SITECO is enhancing luminaires for the digital world

05.03.2019 | Trade Press

Identification, configuration and data management: the new LumIdent service solution enables Siteco to digitalize the handling of outdoor luminaires. Customers benefit through greater convenience and a wider range of functionality – all with a single tool. The service is currently available free of charge.

“The smartphone has become a key part of modern life in many areas, and LumIdent is our way of responding to this trend”, says Matthias Weber, expert for Smart City applications at Siteco. With the smartphone playing a central role, the new tool displays information on the desired luminaire, configures the lighting settings, and manages the luminaire as part of a structured inventory. The capability to register luminaires in a structured fashion becomes particularly important as cities and towns grow in size. LumIdent is made up of three elements: the LumIdent QR code on the luminaire, the LumIdent app for the smartphone (available for iOS and Android) and the LumIdent Web tool for the PC. These elements combine to create a system with the following functionality:

  • Information: The QR code on the luminaire acts as a digital nameplate. When the QR code is scanned, it immediately identifies the precise luminaire type and reveals other technical details. Scanning can be carried out using the LumIdent app or any other QR code reader.
  • Configuration: The LumIdent app is a convenient way of creating, managing and assigning dimming profiles to registered luminaires. It works for all Siteco luminaires, regardless of the ECG manufacturer. This simplifies set-up activities and reduces the number of configuration tools personnel need to take with them into the field.
  • Diagnostics: The LumIdent app can retrieve diagnostics data from the ECG, making it easier to identify any errors and saving enormous amounts of time. Thanks to the digital nameplate, identification of accessories and spare parts is simplified significantly.
  • Management: Customers can also utilize the app to register their luminaires, creating a digital registry that records the geo-position of every individual light. A map of all the registered luminaires can be viewed on a large PC screen using the Web tool.

The Web tool also acts as a bridge to the customer’s inventory and data management system. “In the past, customers needed to enter and update every item of luminaire information by hand”, explains LumIdent product manager Thomas Reininger. This process has now been digitalized as well. The Web tool can export the complete luminaire data to a file for simple incorporation into existing management systems. “Moving forward, we intend to create a digital interface that will make the process even easier”, says Matthias Weber, giving an insight into future plans.

LumIdent is available as an add-on service for the following Siteco luminaire families: Streetlight 10, Streetlight 11 and DL 50 (starting from February 2019: Streetlight 20 and DL 30 as well). User data can be obtained from your Siteco sales representative.

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