SITECO Benelux realizes high-class LED lighting for new Kalfsbeek BMW Premium Car World

Kalfsbeek BMW Premium Car World – Schiedam, Netherlands

Over 60 years ago Kalfsbeek Garage was founded in Schiedam in The Netherlands. In the early years the company was dealer of several car brands and in 1963 they were rewarded with a BMW dealership. Today Kalfsbeek BMW has branches in three cities; Schiedam, Wateringen and Brielle. In 2017 the headquarters in Schiedam were upgraded to today’s standards. Beside the renovation of the showroom and workshops, Kalfsbeek Premium Car World was located in a new building next to the existing one. With 3,500m² it is now one of the largest BMW / Mini dealers in The Netherlands. SITECO Benelux has been commissioned with the corresponding first-class "Premium" LED lighting for the renovation of the existing showroom, workshops and new building.


Category: Office
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2018

The complete project was designed only with innovative LED luminaires from Siteco, from showroom to offices and workshops: Tecario LED, TARIS, Lunis 2 Spot, Lunis 2 mini round, Vega, Modario, ECOPACK LED, LEDVALUX, AQUALINE LED, Lunis 2 micro emergency, PUNCTOLED IP65, and Floodlight 20 midi LED.

Driven by high class design and top performance: state-of-the-art LED luminaires from SITECO

One of the technical challenges was to fit the lighting design in the technical specifications from BMW Head Quarters. All the luminaries in the showroom were to be recessed in the specified suspended ceiling. The lighting should emphasize the "driving lanes", which is the direction the cars are positioned in the showroom. To achieve this, the SITECO Tecario LED system was used and, with great craftsmanship of the interior constructor, perfectly integrated in the ceiling.

A rarely seen highlight realized by the SITECO lighting specialists for Kalfsbeek BMW is the use of different color temperatures in one room. The Tecario LED, Lunis 2 spot and Lunis 2 mini round LED luminaires in the area of the "driving lanes" provide a neutral white color temperature of 4000K, while the TARIS LED luminaires in the hospitality areas have a warmer color temperature of 3000K. Another unique feature specially designed by OSRAM for this project was a customized color of the Tecario LED in RAL9010.

Kalfsbeek BMW is looking forward to a “bright” future

The customer’s project manager Ed van Winden praises the very pleasant and good cooperation with the SITECO concept advisers. “We are very satisfied with the solutions and design that the advisers encountered, this meets the requirements of BMW. The lighting is experienced as very beautiful and very pleasant by everyone”.

Following the completion of the Schiedam location, the other two sites have also been renovated and expanded in the same way, making Kalfsbeek BMW future proof in every respect, including sustainable, modern lighting – efficient, powerful and effective.

Used Products

Project Partner

Light planningSITECO Benelux
ArchitectMies Architectuur, Ede The Netherlands
Interior constructorBoksman Bouwbedrijf B.V.

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