Automotive Interior Applications

Automotive Interior Applications

Automotive Interior Applications

Visible light:

  • Dashboard lights
  • Ambient lighting
  • Dome and map lighting
  • Center stack
  • Head-up display

IR Infrared light & sensors:

  • Drowsy driver detection
  • Occupancy detection
  • Gesture recognition

In the field of interior automotive applications our full portfolio of LED colors (including color on demand), laser and IRED components cover all perforamcne classes and package styles and sizes. Interior LEDs and IR components solve many customer challanges using light-as a colorful, digital, connected solution to enable safer driver experience.

Products by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors excel in extreme reliability and low energy consumption, designed for dashboard illumination, warning ssignals, ambience effects, task lighting with map/dome or advanced components used in head-up displays, driver monitoring and rain-light-tunnel sensirs. Many of these products have been created through close customer relationsship, in which we have first tackeled the specific demands and then developed new highly customized products asccording to customer needs.

Sensing meets Interior

Initially developed as a technology for the automotive exterior, sensing nowadays plays an increas-ingly important role in the interior as well. The innovative combination of visible and invisible light inside the vehicle creates a pleasant driver experience. From increasing safety and improving usa-bility to the creation of a soothing atmosphere, sensing applications provide a variety of benefits.

Discover our latest sensing technology in the automotive interior: