Light is Guidance

Intelligent Forward Lighting

EVIYOS® enables Visualization and Ilumination at the same time. ADB systems without risk to dazzling oncoming traffic and high resolution systems for warning projections lift car saftey to another level. Applications like permanent glare-fee high beam, projections of Welcome Scenario or complex symbols and driver track assistance can be realized with just one component. Future multifunctional, intelligently controllable headlamps will do more than just illuminating the road.


  • Higher resolution( 0.1-0.05°depending on optics)
  • Improved Contrast
  • 25.600k pixels
  • Aspect ration 1:4
  • Companion solution (FPGA included)
  • Best energy efficient solution

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LiDAR systems

LiDAR ultrafast laser driver with a high-power, multi-channel Surface Mount (SMT) laser enable LiDAR (Light detection and ranging) systems, that scan your environment and guide you safely through the traffic.

Components for LiDAR systems

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