Light is Protection

Driver Monitoring

Driver Monitoring warns you of drowsiness and distraction by always keeping an eye on you via iris scan and face recognition. Biometric identification makes use of unique human characteristics, including facial features, the pattern of the iris, or the network of veins in the palm and reflects the driver’s constitution to the systems.

Components for driver monitoring


LiDAR detects obstacles on the road and warns you in time by always keeping an eye on your environment. Ultrafast laser driver with a high-power, multi-channel Surface Mount (SMT) laser enable LiDAR (Light detection and ranging) systems, that scan your environment and guide you safely through the traffic.

Components for LiDAR systems

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Vital Sign Monitoring

Vital Signs use your unique human characteristics to track your health. Heart rate monitoring and pulse oximetry to make feel safe all along the way.

Components for Vital sign monitoring

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