Ambient Lighting - White

High quality light at superior CRI

Ambient White is a form of ambient lighting that ensures perfect, natural illumination in the automotive interior through highest light quality. Whenever passengers need clear, realistic and bright lighting, Ambient White is the preferred choice. For example, special »reading lights« enable dynamic and optimum illumination of the reading area, creating additional comfort for passengers. Even applying make-up evenly is no challenge thanks to the perfect and realistic color rendering the make-up mirror light is emitting.

OSRAM’s LEDs for Ambient White produce highest light quality offering a »color rendering index« (CRI) of more than 90, the highest CRI currently available for automotive applications. For ambient lighting there are distinctive light variants – from elegant, bluish cool-white to cozy, reddish warm-white.


OSTUNE® family - Highest CRI currently available for automotive applications

The OSTUNE® LED family is a new brand from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for automotive interior illumination. By offering an excellent CRI level these devices allow excellent color rendering for Interior White Ambient Lighting, such as reading light, dome light, Make Up mirror or foot room illumination.

  • highest light quality CRI 90 at automotive qualification
  • complete CCT (correlated color temperature) range from cold (6,500 K) to warm (2,700 K)
  • small bins to support TUNING capability between cold and warm white
  • High quality light for interior ambient design
  • Car line specific interior design
  • Ability to change appearance or mood inside the compartment by changing color temperature from cold to warm

Ambient White Illumination:

  • Reading light
  • Dome light
  • Make-up mirror light
  • Foot room illumination