Stage and Architecture Lighting

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We make the world’s stages & architectures shine in the most impressive way possible!

When it comes to stage and architecture lighting, to stand out, you need to be in just the right light. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors produces specialty LEDs, like for example the OSRAM OSTAR® Stage and OSRAM OSTAR® Projection product families for spot lights, wash lights and other creative lighting arrangements. Featuring a flat profile, high luminance and high current density capability makes it an ideal light source for narrow beam and high intensity lighting applications. The products enable highest flexibility for optics and physical design and help to save size of the lamp feature.

Besides 'Stage' and 'Projection', the products can be easily adopted into various emerging markets such as theater, architecture, utility vehicle, off road vehicle, machine vision, portable, medical light and much more.


  • Small package size with high power RGBW chips inside allows for compact chip arrangement to achieve perfect color mixing performance.
  • High driving current chip technology provides high lumen output.
  • New chip and package technology provides high reliability at high driving current.
  • Flat profile offers many benefits for secondary optics design especially for those applications that have high requirement for optics, e.g. extremely narrow beam, high luminance, etc.
  • Off-the-shelf optics available for easy implementation.
  • RGBCY variant enables excellent color mixing for high quality white light tuning and still achieve saturated mono-chromatic colors (RGB).

OSRAM OSTAR® Projection Compact

  • Similar points as OSRAM OSTAR® STAGE, however, this device has a small light emitting surface and a very high power output which allows the emitter to be used in narrow beam and high intensity applications.
  • With our OSRAM OSTAR® Projection Compact of 1 mm² chip and a 50 mm diameter optic, it can deliver over 150,000 cd in a 2.4° beam at 10 W.
  • Full color offering of the product family: Red, Converted Yellow, Pure Green, True Green, Blue, White.

More products for stage & architecture lighting available: Please check ‘ product portfolio’.