UV-C LED technology from ams OSRAM


UV-C LED technology from ams OSRAM.
Nothing short of magic.

Tiny chip,
huge potential

We’re innovating a tiny thing with huge possibilities. Leading the way – and lighting the way to a cleaner, safer future.

Our UV-C LED technology is transforming how we treat and purify what we touch, breathe, eat and drink – all with the pure magic of invisible UV-C light.

The opportunities are endless. Join our journey.

Jens Milnikel (EVP Illumination)

on the UV-C LED technology transforming tomorrow

Our tech,
your tomorrow

The future is here. Now. Our UV-C LED technology is good to go. And ready to treat and purify your world.

Our OSLON® UV series of high, mid and low power UV-C LEDs are designed for a planet of possibilities. Industrial. Consumer. And beyond.

Opportunities, unlimited

Put our magical chip at the heart of your innovations and make the world cleaner and safer at light speed.

Across air, surfaces and water treatment, to chemical purification and more, there’s no end to our germ-busting power.