Light Effects for the Salzstadel

Daniel Bandke illuminates the Regensburg cultural heritage

Spotlight: Light effects for the Salzstadel, Regensburg

For this year's citizen's festival in Regensburg, Osram Opto Semiconductors commissioned the light artist Daniel Bandke to project fascinating effects onto the eastern side of the Salzstadel. The light installation brings together old and new and simultaneously sets contrasts between the traditional Salzstadel, a symbol for the salt trade and therefore an early source of wealth for the town, and lighting with modern LED technology.


Category: Hospitality, Street & Urban
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2015

The projection fascinates not with a storm of special effects but with flowing, transitional scenes that blend together and slowly change, with viewers only noticing the changes after their eyes have been allowed to linger.

An interplay of light and shadow initially emphasises the contours of the building closely connected with the municipal history of the town. The traced depths of the windows seem to hint at the thickness of the ancient walls, with a light point then dispersing the scene to project the Milky Way with its infinite array of stars onto the facade. A further image indicates the original purpose of the Stadel – salt begins to trickle from the uppermost window, irregularly at first and then in a constant stream, until it slowly peters out and the facade appears to fall to dust. The innate strength of the visual effects is found in the images, with sound effects being dispensed with due to local conditions.