Award-winning booth designs – Osram Opto Semiconductors turns light into an experience

An eye-catching spectrometer created three display areas at the booth at electronica 2016.

Trade fairs are much more than product presentations - ideally they give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting worlds, they can become one with the latest innovations and experience the future today. The design of a trade fair booth plays a very important role here. Eye-catching designs draw attention to the essential, and sophisticated technology includes visitors directly into the action. Light + Building in March is the next major trade fair for Osram Opto Semiconductors.


Category: Industry
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: Infrared emitters, Laser diodes, LED components, OLED, Optical Sensors, Photodiodes, Phototransistors
Year: 2018

Together with the Bachmannkern design studio, the high-tech company is once again working on how best to share the exciting aspects of a world full of light. At its booth with the slogan “Spectrum of infinite possibilities”, visitors shall be enticed into the fascinating world of light and presenting products and applications from various segments including horticulture and outdoor lighting. Osram Opto Semiconductors and Bachmannkern design studio are looking to repeat their many past successes at trade fairs.

Their booths have collected numerous accolades over the past ten years, including several German Design Awards and Exhibit Design Awards. The booth at electronica 2016 with its “Lights off – Spots on!” slogan recently received three awards. One of the features was a real spectrometer with cones of light that created the three display areas of Illumination, Visualization and Sensing. With the aid of VR goggles and headphones visitors were able to immerse themselves directly in the world of Opto Semiconductors. The jury for the FAMAB Awards 2017 for integrated brand experiences praised the booth at electronica 2016 for its ambitious and homogeneous presentation of the Osram Opto Semiconductors brand.

The list of the successes shared by Osram Opto Semiconductors and the Bachmannkern design studio is a long one:

  • electronica 2016
    Iconic Award Winner 2017
    FAMAB Award 2017 Silver
    German Design Award 2018
  • electronica 2014 “There is more beyond the light”
    Exhibit Design Award 2015 Silver
  • Light + Building 2012 “Network Orange 2”
    Exhibit Design Award 2013 Silver
  • electronica 2012 “Light line”
    Exhibit Design Award 2013 Gold
  • electronica 2010 “The band of inspiration”
    Exhibit Design Award 2011 Gold
  • Light + Building 2010 “Network Orange”
    Exhibit Design Award 2011 Gold
  • electronica 2008 “Constructed Light”
    Adam Award 2009 Gold
    Red Dot Design Award 2009
    iF communication design award 2009
    Exhibit Design Award 2009 Silver
    Exhibit Design Award 2011 Gold