What a colorful world: New flash applications for true-color smartphone photos

What a colorful world: New flash applications for true-color smartphone photos

It is now a good 15 years since the majority of cell phone users have been able to take photos with their phones. Image quality was of secondary importance, outweighed by the sheer joy of being able to take spontaneous snapshots at times other than holidays and those classic occasions when all the cameras would come out. The technical advances of the smartphone, however, increased expectations – photos had to be razor sharp, they had to be well lit and they had to have natural colors. Flash applications play an important role in achieving high-quality images. For many years, Osram Opto Semiconductors has been producing multichip LEDs for use in flash applications on mobile devices such as smartphones.


Category: Wearables/Mobiles
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2018

The high-tech company has now expanded its portfolio for flash applications with the LED Oslux S 2.2 and Oslux S 2.4, resulting in even better cell phone photos. They combine a cold white chip (6,000 K) with a warm white chip (2,250 K) and constitute a multichip and lens at the same time. Thanks to different lens designs and brightness levels, the entire Oslux line from Osram Opto Semiconductors offers solutions to cover an extremely wide range of customer requirements. With the new Oslux LEDs consumers can look forward to even better color photos on their smartphones. With a maximum deviation of 200 K they deliver remarkable color fidelity and excellent color uniformity across the opening angle of 80°. What’s more, all Oslux products operate with an optimized spectrum. This means that the camera can capture really natural colors.

Thanks to the integration of two LED chips and an epoxy lens on the Oslux S 2.2 and Oslux S 2.4, customers have the benefit of not requiring a separate process to ensure optimum positioning of the lens. They therefore save time and can make optimum use of the light in their application. Oslux S 2.2 and Oslux S 2.4 will be available from spring 2018.

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OSLUX® S 2.2. / 2.4

A highly efficient, dual color, light source with small aperture and footprint, providing high uniformity radiation pattern. reduce

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