Ambra Elettronica´s horticultural lighting fixtures


Italian Basil grows quicker and healthier by replacing HPS with Horticultural LED lighting using OSRAM’s Oslon

Based in the province Reggio, between Parma and Bologna, Servizi Ambientali Bassa Reggiana (S.A.BA.R.) produces the delicious Italian Basil we all love for our salad, pasta and other dishes. By replacing their former HPS lighting [...]

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Osram LEDs an integral part of controlled horticulture environment


Osram Opto Semiconductors’ Oslon LEDs support the efficient growth of fresh, local year-round produce for large scale food production

Based in the metro Denver area, Infinite Harvest, an indoor hydroponic vertical farm, provides fresh and nutritious produce year-round, consistent in flavor and superior quality, for [...]

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Joint project: New high-power downlights with Duris S 10 LEDs


Alverlamp presents downlight concept for professional lighting applications

LD50RF30 and LD50RF40 from Spanish lighting manufacturer Alverlamp are two high-power downlights based on a cluster of six Duris S 10 LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The downlights can be used...

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OSRAM LEDs provide robust lighting environment for corals to thrive


Osram Opto Semiconductors’ Oslon LEDs aid in the creation of ultimate LED reef aquarium fixtures

AcroOptics, a research lighting company with product lines focused on aquaculture, algaculture, horticulture and biological research, has developed the CRAVE LED Reef Aquarium Lighting System, [...]

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Bright light: Oslon Square LEDs in GAMAStreet luminaires

Bright light: Oslon Square LEDs in GAMAStreet luminaires


Street luminaire with excellent thermal management

The Slovakian company GAMAaluminium applied all its experience in the production of aluminum heat sinks to design a new luminaire for street lighting with excellent thermal conductivity. “GAMAStreet” is equipped with high-quality Oslon Square LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors [...]