Indoor Wall Garden powered by OSRAM’s Oslon SSL adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the wellness center TERMALIJA Family Wellness, Terme Olimia

Indoor Wall Garden - TERMALIJA Family Wellness, Terme Olimia
Indoor Wall Garden - TERMALIJA Family Wellness, Terme Olimia

Interior greening is a growing trend for hotels, conference centers, office and other venues. A nice example is TERMALIJA Family Wellness, Terme Olimia, the best rated wellness center in Slovenia, with its wall garden of 85 square meters, contributing to the relaxing atmosphere of the bath. Horticultural lighting by AMBRALIGHT, based on the highly energy efficient Oslon SSL LEDs by Osram Opto Semiconductors, provides the optimal light conditions for the plants.


Category: Hospitality, Street & Urban
Location: Maribor, Slovenia
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2018

As part of a comprehensive modernization initiative, the wellness center has been undergoing an architectural redesign to ensure a harmonic and relaxing atmosphere. The design includes a greening of the indoor areas to achieve a similar atmosphere to the lavishly green outdoor areas and to bring the relaxing feeling of nature and freshness into the interior space.

A center piece of this design is the 24 meter long wall garden realized by HUMKO d.o.o., covering a total of 85 square meters. Without any natural light reaching, the plants rely on horticultural lighting.

A common challenge for indoor greening projects is to ensure that the light intensity is sufficient and covers the specific wavelength the utilized type of plant needs. Another factor every venue owner or operator will look into is the energy consumption needed to power the lighting.

In addition to these factors, venues with a specific design and color scheme – like the wellness center but also like most hotel lobbies, office buildings or other venues – will want to ensure that the horticultural lighting fits in with the overall design.

LED solutions for horticultural lighting, such as the comprehensive Oslon SSL product family by Osram Opto Semiconductors, cater to all these needs. Over the last years the company has extended the horticulture portfolio with new packages and upgraded efficiency by up to 20 %. The portfolio also covers a wide range of angles (from 80° to 150°) and wavelengths such as 450 nm (deep blue), 660 nm (hyper red) and 730 nm (far red) as well as white options from 2700 K to 6500 K. Together the solution portfolio of highly energy efficient LEDs with a compatible footprint provides the basis for tailored lighting solutions for all types of plants and flowers, allowing the light to be exactly adapted to the needs of various crops.

In the Terme Olimia project horticultural lighting expert AMBRALIGHT used a combination of several different types of Oslon SSL LEDs to avoid the typical pink light often associated with horticulture lighting. This way the 22 AE24 WH lamps used for the wall garden generate a homogeneous neutral light impression that fits in with the design. The power consumption of the whole solution is 550 watt.

This project was realized with LEDLightforyou, the network that brings together customers and LED lighting solution partners from all over the world. The network has a broad spectrum of expertise to provide optimum support for any LED lighting project.

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