Osram partners with Dangbei Projection to bring intelligent theatres into the home

With the recent pandemic, going to see a movie at a theatre has become more difficult due to closings and concerns about germs. What if you could experience the spectacular cinema entertainment at home? Osram together with Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. — a well-known supplier of large-screen intelligent projectors in China, is making this experience possible with its F3 and D3X projectors. The two smart projectors are equipped with light sources from Osram’s OSTAR Projection Power family to achieve breakthroughs in brightness, providing you with a superb entertainment experience even in the daytime.


Category: Entertainment, Office
Location: Hangzhou, China
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2020

The advancement of technologies has increased the popularity of having smart cinema in the home. Brightness is the most critical factor of visual effect presentation in an intelligent theatre. Osram and Dangbei, are constantly updating and upgrading their products in an effort to increase the brightness level, enabling pictures to be vividly displayed even during the day.

The D3X series is equipped with Osram’s latest 3-channel RGB LED light sources and 0.33” DLP display chips, which can easily achieve 1050 ANSI lumens in picture brightness and greatly improve imaging details and effects. As the flagship model of Dangbei's new intelligent AI projectors, the F3 series adopts the 4-channel RGB+B architecture, Osram’s new generation LEDs, and 0.47" DLP display chips, to achieve a brightness of 2050 ANSI lumens. The brightness level is 46.4% higher than the previous product, a new height for LED projection brightness. It is durable with a life cycle of up to 10 years. In addition, the resolution of the product is 1080P and is compatible with 4K resolution.

In regards to the cooperation with Dangbei, Mr. Xie Wenfeng, vice president of sales of Osram Opto Semiconductors for the Greater China and Japan region, said, “Dangbei Projection has an astounding R&D speed and has released a number of new products. We targeted Dangbei’s F3 and D3X home theatre products for our first joint project, providing our 2-chip and 1-chip version from our Ostar Projection Power series, which drive brightness to new heights. Embedding P1MQ and P0MQ in F3 and D3X respectively, enables the two intelligent projectors to deliver brighter pictures. The alliance between Osram and Dangbei is a significant impetus to new innovations in the intelligent projection industry.”

The 12 new products of the Osram Ostar Projection Power family reflect Osram’s superiority in traditional LED sources. These components have broken through technical barriers and spurred progress in multiple technological fields. For example, the components with the highest power levels have 6 chips emitting light of the same color to achieve the optimal level of brightness, allowing projectors with LED sources to obtain much higher brightness without the need of additional lamps. Moreover, the LED light source delivers purer colors and richer saturation.

Compared with other products of the same power consumption, Osram’s Ostar Projection Power family requires less working current, a less complex LED driver and a simpler contact between components - making it easier for system designers to optimize products. With the improvement of packaging technology, this series of LEDs can be directly coupled with the heat sink without additional isolation. The mechanical part of new products inherits the basic framework of the previous generation, which ensures that customers can quickly and conveniently exchange products in their existing projector system at lower costs.

Osram never stops innovating - boasting countless patents in a variety of fields. Backed by its technological strength and its win-win philosophy, Osram is committed to keeping our partners at the forefront of technological advances, helping them achieve their objectives and driving them to success.

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