Direct Green Laser Diodes

Direct Green Laser Diodes

Imagine green laser light directly from a semiconductor. Now it becomes reality.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is one of the first worldwide leading suppliers of direct green laser diodes. Mounted in a tiny TO38icut and TO56 with integrated photodiode package, the laser diodes with an optical output power of 30 and 50 milliwatts combine an unbeatable form factor with an excellent beam quality. It also makes them particularly suitable as light sources for projectors, showlasers as well as point and line lasers.

High-temperature range

Compared to frequency-doubled lasers, direct green lasers have a high operating temperature range of 80° C without active cooling. This particular quality makes them ideal for outdoor application.

High beam quality in a small package

With its excellent beam quality, the lasers are well suited for optical imaging of light. In addition, their small package size is particularly advantageous for very compact systems like pico projectors.

High efficiency and long lifetime

Thanks to their good efficiency, the temperature increase of the lasers during operation is minimized. A long lifetime and high reliability at continuous operation is guaranteed.

Direct Green Laser Diodes Applications: e.g. Line and dot lasers, Projection

Line and dot lasers

Its high temperature stability make direct green lasers the ideal solution for point and line lasers. Unlike red laser light, the green spectrum is the most sensitive to the human eye. To achieve the same laser output, and thus the same laser safety class, green light is perceived more easily by the eye than red light. This means that rangefinders, such as those used by builders, can be used over larger distances.


Direct green laser diodes are an important step toward powerful embedded projectors. The laborious way of producing green light by doubling the frequency of infrared laser is no longer needed. In particular, pico projectors based on MEMS mirror (micro-electromechanical system) will benefit from the small size and the high beam quality of the single mode lasers. The laser diodes produce the right green wavelength for projection and offer a sufficient efficiency of typically 5-6% for battery driven applications.


For show lasers, direct green lasers open up new possibilities as light sources. Their high beam quality enables extremely fine structures to be displayed even over large distances.

Other applications

  • Medical applications
  • Biotechnology
  • Spectroscopy

Technical Data (at Tcase 25 °C)


PL 520

PLT5 520

Output Power50 mW30 mW50 mW30 mW
Emission wavelength515-530 nm510-530 nm510-530 nm510-530 nm
Operating temperature-20 up to 60° C-20 up to 60° C-20 up to 60° C-20 up to 60° C
Typical threshold current45 mA50 mA45 mA50 mA
Typical operating voltage7.0 V6.5 V7.0 V6.5 V
Typical efficiency6%5%6%5%
Package typeTO38icutTO38icutTO56*TO56*
*With integrated photo diode
PL 520 TO 38 (Direct Green Laser Diodes)

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