OSTUNE® family

OSTUNE® - combines high quality of light with tuneability

Highest CRI currently available for automotive applications

Car interiors are becoming increasingly important in the latest generation of vehicles and are undergoing a fundamental image change leading to corresponding effects on design and integrated applications. The OSTUNE® LED family is a new brand from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for automotive interior illumination. By offering an excellent CRI level these devices allow excellent color rendering for Interior White Ambient Lighting, such as reading light, dome light, Make Up mirror or foot room illumination.

Osram Opto Semiconductors now brings technological advancement and insights from the general lighting industry to the car. The first two OSTUNE® products cover a wide color temperature range and enable OEMs to offer distinctive light variants for their ambient lighting: from elegant, bluish cool white to cozy, reddish warm white. The OSTUNE® E1608 and E3030 extend Osram's broad portfolio for automotive interior lighting by offering a wide color temperature range from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin with a coloring rending index (CRI) of more than 90, the highest CRI currently available for automotive applications.

  • Package: white SMT package, colored diffused silicone resin
  • Chip technology: InGaN on Sapphire
  • Color: Cx = 0.40, Cy = 0.38 acc. to CIE 1931 (● white)
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 3B
  • Qualifications: AEC-Q102 Qualified
  • Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K
  • CRI: 90 (min.)
  • ESD: 2 kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 2)
  • Qualifications: AEC-Q102 Qualified

Ambient White Illumination:

  • Reading light
  • Dome light
  • Make-up mirror light
  • Foot room illumination


The OSTUNE® E1608 offers an established footprint and package technology offering a wide color range customers benefit from.

  • High CRI: CRI90
  • Wide CCT range: from 2,700 K (warm white) to 6,500 K (cold white)
  • Typical brightness: ca 7.5 lumen at 30 mA at 3,500 K
  • Small package: 1.6 × 0.8 mm


The OSTUNE® E3030 is designed for automotive ambient applications. With its compact size, the device offers a maximum of flexibility for various assembly situations.

  • High CRI: CRI90
  • Wide CCT range: from 2,700 K (warm white) to 6,500 K (cold white)
  • Typical brightness: ca. 24 lumen at 60 mA at 3,500 K
  • Standard package: 3.0 × 3.0 mm (foot print) × 0.65 mm (height