Easily benefit from high quality and latest technologies

New professional LEDs with long lifetime, high performance and best-in-class reliability.

The new OSCONIQ® S 3030 QD marks the first step towards new LED components for the general lighting market. The products will empower customers to develop luminaires with high efficiency and excellent color rendering.

OSCONIQ® S 3030 - mid-power LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for state-of-the-art professional demands in a wide variety of general lighting applications ranging from shops, home, industrial to hospitality, office space and much more that are characterized by long lifetime, high performance and best-in-class reliability. The long lifetime at 0.2 W applications is especially fitted for linear lighting and fluorescent tube replacement. The EMC (epoxy molding compound) lead frame material provides far better lifetime and reliability performance over traditional PPA and PCT material.

New conversion technology delivers outstanding efficiency even at high color rendering indexes with the OSCONIQ® S 3030 QD.


  • Outdoor ready EMC package for superior lm/$
  • High Efficacy enable better energy saving.
  • Tight 1.5 lm bin for 3V devices and 5 lm bin for 6V devices enhance fixture output accuracy and reduce fixture to fixture output variation.
  • Low thermal resistance enables lower system cost
  • Full range of color temperatures: 2,700 K – 6,500 K (white)
  • Small footprint (3.0 mm × 3.0 mm) for clustering
  • Excellent color over angle performance
  • Quantum Dot technology


  • Professional Outdoor lighting
  • High bay & low bay industrial lighting
  • Professional downlights