Infrared light for keeping food hot

Infrared light for keeping food warm – reliable and successful

Short-wave infrared lamps have been used successfully for many years to keep food warm in restaurants, hotels, canteens and other catering establishments. In high-class restaurants in particular, chefs do not want their dishes to cool down at all from the moment they are prepared to the moment they leave the kitchen. The solution is to use individual heat lamps or entire lines of heat lamps, which are also used in hot counters, catering outlets and fast food restaurants, to keep food fresh and hot.

HALOTHERM infrared halogen lamps

HALOTHERM lamps produce a maximum radiation of around 1100 nanometers (nm) and are ideal for keeping food hot. These short-wave infrared halogen lamps (IR A) have a tungsten wire filament enclosed in a quartz tube. The advantage here is that quartz is highly transparent for infrared radiation. This means that the thermal output is emitted in the short-wave infrared range with minimal losses. In addition, the filler gas in the quartz vessel contains halogen additives to prevent the bulb from blackening and ensure long average life. HALOTHERM lamps take up very little space and are easy to service. They are renowned for their short response times, precise regulation and high efficiency.


Infrared halogen lamps, quartz clear

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