POWERTRONIC – intelligent lighting control for metal halide lamps

Optimum lamp operation and economy with ECGs from OSRAM

Electronic control gear (ECG) for operating metal halide lamps offer huge benefits in terms of operation and simple installation. This applies above all for POWERTRONIC ECGs from OSRAM. They are the first choice particularly for operating metal halide lamps with ceramic burners because their outstanding technology releases the full potential of these modern lamps and they are extremely energy efficient.


Improved economy

  • Up to 15% greater system efficiency compared with conventional control gear
  • Up to 20% better luminous flux maintenance and smaller spread of luminous flux compared to conventional control gear
  • Up to 30% longer lamp life compared with conventional control gear
  • Up to 20% additional energy savings over the 3DIM functionality with outdoor control gear (PTo)

Simpler installation

With conventional control gear three components have to be connected. POWERTRONIC ECGs offer uncomplicated connection - the ac line and lamp cables have to be connected to just one device. They combine miniaturized components, a highly integrated microcontroller with small dimensions - a key solution for new and compact luminaire design. In Case of models with strain relief the wiring is due to the possibility of  a loop-through very simple.

Flickerfree light

Metal halide lamps operating on conventional control gear may flicker. POWERTRONIC ECGs operate at a frequency of 160 - 180 Hz and provide pleasant flickerfree light.

Near silent operation

POWERTRONIC ECGs produce very little noise in operation. This is important particularly in retail and presentation applications. Conventional control gear on the other hand have a tendency to produce mechanical oscillations owing to their design. In some cases this leads to considerable noise.

Greater color stability

Intelligent lamp control and the constant output of POWERTRONIC ECGs, unaffected by fluctuations in voltage, provide better color stability throughout the life of the lamp compared with CCG operation.

Intelligent and reversible thermal protection

Very high temperatures can occur in compact fixtures. POWERTRONIC ECGs are equipped with an intelligent power regulation system and reversible automatic disconnection circuit to protect the ECGs against overload in such critical situations.

No annoying restart attempts

If metal halide lamp lamps are operated on conventional control gear they tend to switch on and off periodically at the end of their lives. This can be very annoying, particularly during presentations and in retail outlets. There is no chance of this happening with POWERTRONIC ECGs because the lamp is disconnected at the end of its life after a maximum of three ignition attempts per starting procedure.

Safe shutdown of the lamp

When metal halide lamps are operated on conventional control gear there is no communication between the control gear and the lamp. If the lamp is in an abnormal operating state this can lead to overheating and destruction of the CCG. POWERTRONIC ECGs on the other hand permanent monitor important lamp parameters such as the lamp current and the lamp voltage and can rapidly disconnect the lamp in such cases.

Typical applications for POWERTRONIC ECG

  • Shop
  • Museum
  • Hotel lobby
  • Industry
  • Street and Outdoor lighting
  • Facade

Accessories: EBN-OS for POWERTRONIC ECGs

The EBN-OS inrush current limiter restricts the current through electronic control gear when the ECG is switched on, which means that a larger number of ECGs can be connected to an automatic cutout. EBN-OS has been designed exclusively for POWERTRONIC ECGs.

  • Up to 2.5 times more ECGs on an automatic cutout
  • Limitation of capacitive inrush currents
  • Maximum continuous load: 16 amps
  • Inrush current limitation time: 70 ms
  • Dimensions in millimeters: 18 x 88 (45) x 58
  • Design: DIN rail casing

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