Energy-efficient lighting: With Energy Audit projects energy savings up to 75 %

Modern lighting systems can save up to 75% energy costs.

In the design of industrial buildings, professional planning with the latest lighting technology can achieve significant energy savings. The same applies to portfolio properties where renewing the lighting system can save up to 75 % in energy. In general, lighting accounts for up to 80 % of the power consumption in logistics centers. Since the energy costs devour around 70 % of the total costs of a lighting system, energy-efficient lighting solutions can provide the greatest levels of saving. Switching to energy efficient lighting is the most frequently implemented method of saving in the area of technical building equipment. The amortization times are in the order of three to four years. In many cases they can be reduced to less than two years, depending on the cost of electricity and the regional device and installation costs.

The use of the most modern lighting concepts, including presence control and daylight dependent regulating systems, offers up to 75 % potential to save energy with respect to older systems.

As a competent project partner all over the world, OSRAM offers professional Energy Audits for complete lighting solutions from within its own organization - from advice, planning and concept creation via the complete realization and processing up to technical commissioning. Our service provision capability also extends to various different financing models. 

Within energy efficiency projects, we compile the cornerstones and main assumptions of the project jointly with you. Based on these, we determine the lifecycle cost of the lighting system, including all lighting costs, from procurement to the subsequent operating costs of energy and maintenance. The benefit: Planning security and a secure foundation for later investment. The energy efficiency experts ensure objective advice and comparisons of the various different lighting solutions spanning different technologies in the economic efficiency assessment. Only application-specific lighting solutions and light management systems are incorporated in the Energy Audit concept.

OSRAM cooperates with appropriate high-performance partners for the installation of lighting systems. Together we find individual installation solutions for each project that take into account the structural characteristics, the customer's wishes and the necessary photometric conversion measures.

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