EU subsidy for LED lighting in the Sistine Chapel

European Commission subsidy

Why is the EU Commission subsidizing the refurbishment of the Sistine Chapel lighting system?

The currently quite high procurement costs and a lack of acceptance on the part of users was identified by the European Commission as the main hurdle for a stronger market penetration of LED technology. Four primary measures were defined to support LED technology throughout the European Union. 

The aims of the EU for subsidizing LED technology

  • To stimulate innovation and competitive capability in the LED technology sector
  • To develop markets throughout the European Union
  • To demonstrate the superior nature of LED lighting technology including significantly improved energy efficiency with real projects
  • To establish a level of trust for LED technology in the lighting sector and with users
EU CIP project of the European Commission

LED4Art: High quality, energy-efficient LED lighting for art

The pilot project with the working title of LED4Art is supported by the European subsidy program for information and communication technologies as a part of the framework program for competition and innovation (PSP-CIP). The aim of the subsidy program is to demonstrate the new possibilities made available by LED technology in terms of energy efficiency and improved quality of light, and to achieve a more rapid market penetration for the new technology in this way. In addition to OSRAM as the project coordinator, other partners are the University of Pannonia in Hungary, the Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya in Spain and the Faber Technica planning offices in Italy. OSRAM bears responsibility as the project coordinator.

Consortium partners
Partners Internet Project contribution


Dipl.-Phys. Mourad Boulouednine

  • Project management
  • Lighting technology
  • Lighting research
  • LED, luminaires, light management system

University of Pannonia, Hungary

Prof. J. Schanda

  • Light measurement
  • Color quality metrics
  • Spectral distribution optimization

Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, Spain

Dr. J. Carreras

  • Energy audit
  • CO2 footprint

Faber Technica, Italy

Prof. M. Frascarolo

  • Lighting design
  • Customer contact
  • Site management


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