DALI – a professional interface for all lighting components

The powerful communication center for professional lighting solutions

DALI offers almost unlimited possibilities. Lighting controls, sensors, operating devices, electronic control gears and lamps all work together  with this professional interface standard. Bidirectional communication w/o restrictions allow high end light management.  DALI – a common interface for all components.

OSRAM offers a wide range of DALI electronic control gears for fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps, high pressure discharge lamps and LEDs. With DALI lighting management systems from OSRAM it is possible to create predefined lighting scenes and lighting effects perfectly tailored to specific tasks. DALI-based lighting control solutions from OSRAM are also easier to plan and to be installed and have much greater functionality than systems based on the 1-10 V interface.

This is how DALI works

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a non-proprietary interface standard for dimmable electronic control gears, offering greater functionality and greater ease of use. A maximum of 64 DALI ECGs can be controlled with a high degree of flexibility via a two-wire control line individually or in Broadcast mode and in up to 16 groups.

Switching and dimming are handled via the control line. There is no need for a relay. Important information such as the lamp status is stored in the control gear and is available to the controller.


Simple luminaire wiring diagram
The DALI principle

Simplified lighting planning with DALI at a glance

Simple planning

A single 2-wire control line for up to 64 devices means that the lighting groups do not have to be assigned at the planning stage. Instead, they can be simply set up later with the aid of a controller. Planning of the control line can be completely separated from planning of the power supplies.

Simple installation

The control line is protected against polarity reversal and can be routed together with the power supply, for example, in a 5-core NYM cable. The control line simply has to be rated for line voltage. There is no need for special cabling.

Fewer components

No relays are needed for switching the fixtures. Switching and dimming are handled exclusively via the control line.

Flexible for a later change of use

With DALI, the lighting groups are not hard-wired. The individual fixtures are grouped by simply assigning them to groups with the aid of a controller. These groupings can be changed at any time.

Synchronized changes from one lighting scene to another

Even if different luminaires are started at different dimming values or different types of lamps are combined with  each other, DALI changes from one lighting scene to another in synchronism. All the light sources reach the new light value at the same time.

Lamp status on request

As a means of detecting failed lamps, the lamp status can be reported by a DALI device to the controller and then displayed by the controller. This feature is of particular benefit for major projects in which DALI can be very easily integrated into existing bus systems via gateways.

Integration in building automation systems

Thanks to their flexibility and extensive functionality DALI installations can be easily integrated in existing building automation systems or included in the plans for new buildings. In such cases the DALI technology is implemented in high-ranking bus systems. Energy-optimized lighting greatly enhances the “green building” concept and the lighting can also be easily controlled at an individual level.



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