LEDOTRON: Digital dimming technology for a new world of lighting convenience

LEDOTRON: digital dimming technology for LED and fluorescent lamps.
Application:  Home, Hospitality
Technology:  Compact fluorescent lamps, LED
Target group:  Architect, Consumer, Electrician, Trade, Shop owner, Wholesale

LEDOTRON: Digital dimming technology for a new world of lighting convenience

LEDOTRON is the name of the new digital standard for dimming systems designed for LED and compact fluorescent retrofit lamps. The innovative digital dimming and regulation technology was developed in collaboration with OSRAM and is to be passed as the
IEC 62756-1 standard end of this year.The participants at the LEDOTRON press conference at the BAU trade fair in Munich in January 2013 were presented with the advantages of the LEDOTRON technology.

LEDOTRON: The benefits at a glance

  • Simple installation with immediate state of readiness
  • Safe, easy dimming
  • Compliance with legal standards
  • Control of brightness, in future also the light color
  • Use of existing mains cables
  • Open to further expansions such as radio interfaces or new operating concepts

LEDOTRON. Dimming defined digitally

LEDOTRON opens up new opportunities in the compact fluorescent lamp and LED lamp market. The innovative technology has already received some recognized awards: for example the "Most Innovative Brand Award 2012" and thus the highest level of the Plus X Awards in the lighting product group. Certain OSRAM DULUX INTELLIGENT compact fluorescent lamps with LEDOTRON technology are available from OSRAM. New in the product range: the OSRAM DULUX INTELLIGENT LEDOTRON CLASSIC. LED lamps will be available from Autumn 2013.

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