Lenbachhaus: OSRAM provides new museum lighting with LED technology

The LED solution at the Lenbachhaus damages the material of the artworks as little as possible: with lower colour temperatures less than incandescent lamps, and with higher colour temperatures less than fluorescent lamps and daylight.
Application:  Effect lighting
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician

Lenbachhaus - OSRAM provides new museum lighting with LED technology

The Bamberg engineering bureau has been awarded the 2013 Engineering Prize by the Bavarian Construction Engineering Chamber for the planning of the innovative LED lighting solution for the Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus in Munich.

With the awarding of this prize, the Chamber acknowledged the innovative technical engineering skills that combine the functionality, economy, innovation and aesthetics in the planning, erection and exploitation of structures, and which epitomize a high standard in its conception, its technical-design constructive formation and its remarkable execution. Solutions that were characterized by particular resource-saving planning and building, outstanding energy efficiency or the use of renewable energies and sustainable raw materials were explicitly welcomed.

The new LED lighting technology in the Lenbachhaus is by OSRAM

The reasoning of the jury in the award for exhibit lighting in the Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus: "The LEDs used by OSRAM, with various different light colors (cold white and warm white), supplemented with deep red, blue and green, together generate a wavelength spectrum that contains all spectral elements of natural sunlight - but without damaging UV and IR radiation - which thus ensures excellent color rendering."  This also allows generation of a (light) environment that reflects the motif or which resembles that which exists when the artist is working. "A complex light management system takes on the role of director" continued the jury. "This provides the curators, with its conceived user-friendly graphical user interface, with the conditions for matching the lighting environment to the requirements of the individual exhibits on show - without any rebuilding of the lighting installation or changing the light sources." 

According to the jury, the use of LEDs is supported by the outstanding energy efficiency (around a third of that of conventional fluorescent lamps) along with their long lifespan.  The prize jury: "The expected deployment duration of 50,000 operating hours is about three times as long as fluorescent lamps." If, as is the case with the Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus, the fluorescent lamps need to be replaced after just 3,000 to 4,000 hours, because of the highest levels of color rendering involved, LED technology out-performs fluorescent lamps by a 12-times better maintenance factor.     With the LEDs, the changes that arise in operation can, on the other hand, be reset simply using the light management system. We also have the excellent color rendering, so that even saturated pure colors can be rendered true to nature.

Shed lights project your light onto the vaulted ceiling

In the Lenbachhaus there will, in future, be three LED lighting systems with indirect light distribution exactly matched to the individual architectural conditions. The LED luminaires are located in the circumferential haunches in the historic wings. On the first floor of the new building, lit ceiling areas brighten up the exhibition rooms that are backlit using appropriate LED modules. On the roof level story located above, daylight falls into the gallery rooms from the skylights. Shed lights project your light onto the vaulted ceiling of the sheds. According to the jury, this "achieves a new quality standard in museum lighting".


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