Sistine Chapel: new type of LED solution by OSRAM

Around 7,000 LEDs will homogeneously illuminate the Sistine Chapel from next year onwards. Copyright – Governatorato dello Stato della Città del Vaticano
Application:  Effect lighting
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician

Sistine Chapel: new type of LED solution by OSRAM

The light manufacturer OSRAM is equipping the Sistine Chapel in Rome with a new type of LED solution. After 500 years, the art-historically outstanding works can now be viewed to a level of precision unique until now, and the especially art-conserving installation enables significantly higher illuminance values.

In addition, 60 % less power is consumed compared to the existing lighting installation. "Art presents the most demanding requirements on light. Following the globally unique lighting solution in the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich, the world-renowned frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are now being subjected to the same extremely high lighting specifications, once again underlining the authority of OSRAM as integrated lighting expert operating in accordance with maximum specifications," stated Peter Laier, OSRAM’s Chief Technology Officer and executive board member responsible for the company’s general lighting business.

Picture gallery: innovative LED lighting solution in the Sistine Chapel

Innovative LED lighting in the Sistine Chapel.
Sistine Chapel: around 7,000 LEDs from OSRAM.
Especially important: protection of the art works.
LED solution: gentler and more caring for the art.
New solution: more economic than the previous system.
Colour spectrum: adapted to colour pigments of paintings.

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Lenbachhaus: innovative LED lighting solution by OSRAM


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