OSRAM illuminates the Euro 2012

The 2012 European Football Championships letting the championship stadia shine with the latest lighting technology. The host countries, Poland and Ukraine, rely on OSRAM's experience of the professional lighting of global sporting events. Four stadia have been equipped with varied, state-of-the-art lighting solutions. State-of-the-art technology from OSRAM will provide a perfect sporting and event setting in Warsaw, Kiev, Gdansk and Lvov. 

The highlight is the national stadium in Warsaw. OSRAM supplied the latest in lighting technology for the completely new arena, including lighting for the external facade, which, as an outsized, multimedia screen, offers a world first in the illumination of sports stadia. Around 1,700 LED luminaires from the OSRAM subsidiary Traxon light up the shell of the stadium in the Polish national colors, red and white. The facade is also a giant screen, on which various dynamic light patterns, match results, team or scorer names can be communicated to the outside world. A global innovation. 

The segments of the building shell, which are woven like a basket, are equipped with dimmable Liner Shield AC XB 36 LED luminaires, which were anchored with self-designed brackets, so that it is possible to provide unified lighting of the individual panels. Combined with an intelligent light management system from e:cue, it is possible to create unique effects. The pitch of the stadium is also illuminated with innovative lighting technology from OSRAM. A total of 450 energy-efficient high performance lamps are used here, and were also installed in the stadium in Gdansk, which meet the latest requirements of HD-quality television broadcasts.

Video: Dynamic lighting scenes at the football stadium in Warsaw

Marian Okon, Project Manager at OSRAM in Poland: "All light sources and ECGs for luminaires come from the product portfolio of OSRAM and the luminaires for the dynamic illumination of the facade from Traxon." The lighting concept of the new stadium's facade lighting comes from Lichtvision. The later result is based on co-operation between the light designers and Traxon. The greatest challenges were found in the implementation of the lighting concept: the decision for the best light source, the integration of luminaires into the tricky panel construction, invisible to the outside, and the right selection of the light management system for the creation of dynamic, programmable and dimmable lighting scenes.

Stephan Wittekind, Business Development Director at Traxon: "With our wide-ranging experience of projects and products, we were able to work with Lichtvision to create a knowledge transfer, which resulted in a completely new, efficient and powerful illumination concept." During stadium planning, this was the main reason for awarding the project to OSRAM. Wittekind: "We offered the best key solutions." The positioning of OSRAM as a complete provider, together with individual and creative lighting ideas, was the decisive factor. 

The project is a worldwide novum. Wittekind: "Dynamic and efficient lighting of different panel angles with the best possible light and the best lighting color without blinding effects - a project, whose size makes it completely unique." Also due to the focusing on the best possible energy efficiency: The power consumption of the LED-facade is 95 kilowatt. One single team bus needs three times as much. Moreover, the highest light quality and best possible handling should be realized. Luminaires and LED optics had to be modified in order to be integrated into the complex stadium shell. All the technical certification standards were complied with.

The stadium illumination also impressed the office gmp • Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, which is responsible for the complete design of the stadium. Even for the prestigious stadium planners the implementation of such a lighting concept is a world premiere, signifying the beginning of a new, multimedia, energy-efficient future for stadium illumination.

Gallery - Lighting impressions of the Warsaw Euro 2012 stadium

The inauguration of the Warsaw football stadium thrilled the inhabitants of the capital of Poland.
The biggest challenge: a dynamic, glare-free, efficient and invisible lighting of the stadium complex envelope.
The Warsaw National Stadium has become a city landmark because of its ultra-modern lighting.
A close-up of the elaborate construction of expanded metal panels.
Different panel angles and the curvature of the stadium made it more difficult to plan and install the architectural lighting.
The stadium's outdoor lights were mounted behind the longitudinal bars, and are thus invisible from the outside.
OSRAM equips the Warsaw football stadium to 100% with bulbs.
The dynamic lighting of the stadium facade is a world premiere.
Each panel corresponds to a single pixel in the overall video presentation of the exterior facade.

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Osram illuminates 2012 European Football Championship

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