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With its Slimline 280, Bonnet 1400, Pocket 280, Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A Osram is adding five high-power LED work lights to its LEDinspect Professional series to help with vehicle maintenance and repair.
07.07.2016 | Trade Press, General Interest Press
Osram presents new LED inspection lamps

The new LEDinspect PRO series comprises five high-performance LED work lights: Slimline 280, Bonnet 1400, Pocket 280, Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A. “We have further developed the [...]

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A rear light module from a single flexible OLED produced as part of the R2D2 project in cooperation with Audi, Osram and Hella. Two such modules are installed in a complete rear light unit.
05.07.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram presents flexible OLEDs for vehicle lighting

OLED technology opens up completely new design options for light sources which are generating huge interest among customers in the automotive industry. As part of the R2D2 project sponsored by the [...]

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30.06.2016 | Business & Financial Press
Osram implements announced changes to managing board

Two changes to the composition of the managing board of OSRAM Licht AG – already announced in April – will come into effect shortly. Stefan Kampmann, 52, will assume the newly created role [...]

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The facades of the Box Park are transformed into adaptable screens thanks to dynamic colour chases and functions such as video projection.
21.06.2016 | Trade Press
Shopping in the Box: Osram sets Dubai's urban shopping mile in scene

The Box Park is a modern, urban lifestyle complex in Dubai. With a length of 1.2 kilometres it offers special shopping and entertainment possibilities and also accommodates unusual restaurant concepts [...]

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The XBO 2000 W DTS model from Osram is used in the CP2210 and CP 2215 projector models from Canadian manufacturer Christie.
20.06.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram presents new XBO lamps for digital cinema projectors

The 25th CineEurope Fair in Barcelona from June 21 to 23, 2016 will feature the latest movie productions and the latest technologies in the cinema industry. Osram will be presenting further [...]

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With a luminance of 3700 cd/mm2 the new Phaser 500 from Osram has set a new laboratory record.
15.06.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram sets new records with its new phaser

Having further developed its successful Phaser 3000, Osram has added the Phaser 500 to its portfolio and is continuing to develop this laser-excited phosphor technology which was first introduced in [...]

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Osram ensures ideal conditions for competition by equipping the French national stadium near Paris among other locations with innovative lighting technology. Almost 500 SiCompact R3 projectors will create optimum visual conditions.
09.06.2016 | Trade Press
Osram perfectly illuminates first match of European soccer championship

Top soccer deserves the best lighting. The European soccer championship will kick off on June 10 in the French national stadium with the opening match being France versus Romania, and the floodlights [...]

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Various zones and scenes can be conveniently set with the operating terminal's rotary button.
27.05.2016 | Trade Press
Lightdrive+ light control from Osram for dynamic lighting applications

Commissioning and programming is both simple and intuitive, and various scenes, zones and effects are easily set using a rotary button. Programming knowledge or software is not required and the [...]

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The Taris family is suitable for almost any application in office buildings thanks to its diversity of versions.
25.05.2016 | Trade Press
Taris luminaire range for diverse uses in offices

The Taris luminaire family designed by the renowned Berlin design studios of Aisslinger has an elegant and integrative design with a new Optical Core System based on a combination of louvre and lens [...]

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The three impressive Noma Earth Tubes are part of a municipal refurbishment project in the north of Manchester.
23.05.2016 | Trade Press
Osram transforms the Noma Earth Tubes into an interactive light installation

The task consisted of highlighting the shape and structure of the three ventilation towers with a creative and interactive light installation capable of fascinating but also integrating observers. The [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 746
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