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Stakeholder Engagement

Acting sustainably as an international company requires the constant engagement with different stakeholders. Only so can we establish mutual trust, contribute to spreading sustainable concepts and receive feedback about our own actions.


A qualified and motivated workforce is an essential factor to the company's sustained success. Thus, the continuous and open dialog with our employees is an integral part of our philosophy. After all, how we treat our employees is the most direct indication of our understanding of human rights and fair labor practices.

Customers and Consumers

Customers and consumers are among our most important stakeholders. Only if we satisfy their needs can we remain successful in the long run. Our products are the most obvious means of communication to our customers, but we also use a multitude of other channels for keeping in touch.


One of the most effective ways OSRAM can positively influence society is through its selection of suppliers. Within the scope of sustainable development we expect them to follow our example and act socially, ecologically and economically responsible. Hence, we conduct an intensive dialog with them. Furthermore, we laid down simple but effective rules in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which our auditing makes sure is followed.

Politics and Society

Communicating with politics and society gives us the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable change of the lighting market. Thus, we maintain a constant dialog with industrial and scientific associations, governments, NGOs and the local communities we operate in. This way we play an active role in shaping the market we do business in.

Shareholders and Capital market

OSRAM Licht AG is a publicly listed corporation with a broad base of shareholders and in constant dialog with its investors.

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