Environmental Management

Environmental management at OSRAM includes the sustainable handling of energy, water, waste and chemicals as well as the control of air pollution. 

Water Management

Water is one of the most important resources for both human beings and industry. OSRAM is committed to a particularly sustainable and economical use of this valuable resource.

Sustainability Criteria

To be able to assess the sustainability of our products we have set primary and secondary performance characteristics.

Environmental Reporting

In order to continually monitor the degree of achievement of our objectives for environmental protection, data from all OSRAM plants is regularly collected and used to compile comprehensive reports.

Product Lifecycle Management

We use a scientific method to assess the environmental impact of our products – the life cycle analysis – considering all environmental aspects of a product throughout its entire life cycle.


Avoiding waste and finding optimum waste disposal possibilities is very important to us when developing our products. We continuously strive to make our products as recyclable as possible.

Climate Strategy

Holistic environment protection and the sustainability of products take top priority at OSRAM. We are constantly working to make our production processes more eco-friendly. 

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