LIGHTIFY Pro advantages for installers and operators

LIGHTIFY Pro benefits

New business opportunities for installers

The new LIGHTIFY Pro system supplements OSRAM's previous range of light management systems perfectly. While our DALI PROFESSIONAL and ENCELIUM systems are the ideal choice for larger and more complex lighting installations, LIGHTIFY Pro is perfect for mid-sized and smaller projects.

Completely new business sectors for installers and intelligent light management systems for operators that until now did not use light management systems, for example, in offices, agencies, doctors' practices, restaurants and shops.

The LIGHTIFY Pro system offers installers and operators a wide range of possibilities – from simple, flexible setup and the intuitive setting of functions to a wide diversity of lighting settings and control possibilities.

Advantages for installers

  • Additional business areas in a new sector: Light management for small and mid-sized projects
  • An innovative, wireless light management system for customers looking for a "smart" lighting solution
  • Especially suitable for small and mid-sized lighting installations, refurbishment projects and difficult-to-access areas
  • "Quick and easy" installation without wiring, cable routing or wall chasing – therefore ideal for integrating into architecturally difficult surroundings  
  • LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App: Intuitive user interface for commissioning and configuration of all luminaire functions (iOS 8.x)
  • An ideal lighting solution for updating existing, standard DALI installations
  • A wide LIGHTIFY Pro product portfolio
  • Simple, quick setup and configuration as a result of pre-defined lighting scenes, e.g. single or open-plan offices, classrooms, corridors, stairways and washrooms

Advantages for the operator

  • High cost and energy-savings resulting from LED technology and demand-oriented lighting
  • Practical, individual control using the LIGHTIFY Pro Control App on mobile devices (iOS 8.x / Android 4.x) and integrated standard push-buttons
  • Combinable with LIGHTIFY Pro sensors and the push-button interfaces for up to four light switches/push-buttons per interface
  • Many practical functions (dimming, light temperature (warm/cool), color control, pre-defined scenes)
  • The system is easy adaptable to varying room layouts/spaces
  • Free Apps for configuration and control
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App
LIGHTIFY Pro Control App
LIGHTIFY Pro Control App
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