Project example: Installation of LIGHTIFY Pro in generic office surroundings


The requirements for professional office lighting are high if they have to be ideal networked and mobile controlled. LIGHTIFY Pro offers a variety of luminaires and modules for simple integration into your building and room planning, featuring convenient operation. 

The LIGHTIFY Pro portfolio includes luminaires, control units, sensors and a push-button interface that you can expand to include up to 100 light sources and controllers.

LIGHTIFY Pro in the office: Simple, wireless integration, incorporation of existing lighting equipment, highly flexible options for use, very energy-efficient and modifiable and scalable at any time.

Several luminaire models are available with integrated LIGHTIFY Pro functionality for lighting installations in offices. You can also retrofit existing luminaires with LIGHTIFY Pro components, making them LIGHTIFY-compatible.

OSRAM equipped an office with LIGHTIFY Pro as part of a pilot project. See the connection diagram here:

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