TRUCKSTAR PRO calculation tool - huge potential savings for truck fleets

The TRUCKSTAR PRO calculation tool can work out your individual annual requirement for replacement lamps and shows you how much money you can save by installing TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps.

Optimized lighting intensity, better lifespan and improved resistance to vibration – the new TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps are developed especially with the needs of professionals in mind. Longer intervals before replacement and less time out of service will save you lamps and costs. And you can see just how big these savings are by using the TRUCKSTAR PRO calculation tool.

Significant savings on lamps and costs each year

All you have to do is enter into the TRUCKSTAR PRO calculation tool the number of trucks in your fleet, the average number of days on the road and a few other values and you’ll be amazed:

On average three TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps will replace five standard 24 Volt lamps. The longer life of TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps alone – averaging 1200 hours compared with 650 hours for standard 24 Volt lamps – will save you money.

Opt for TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps and you will enjoy huge cost savings compared with conventional 24 Volt lamps.







Unlimited power – stronger, tougher, longer-lasting.


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