SplitStar S32 - Luminance is the key

SplitStar S32 - Luminance is the key

The S32 module is based on innovative multi-chip LED technology – high luminance and luminous flux for the use in entertainment and professional lighting applications.

The SplitStar S32 CW – luminance is the key

The pattern of 16 closely arranged LED chips enables a particularly high luminance of up to 140 cd/mm² (3). This far exceeds the average luminance of CoB (chip-on-board) modules of 20 cd/mm².
The multi-chip cold white LED module also scores with a high luminous flux of up to 20,000 lm(3) and an integrated temperature-controlled monitoring (NTC). Based on the flexible platform, customized versions in color and layout are possible.

The SplitStar S32 RGBW – with all familiar features of the S32

The S32 RGBW contains four 2 mm2 high-current chips per color. Thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0.05 K/W(5), each chip can be operated with up to 5 A (red 4 A), which generates a large amount of light from a small surface. The integrated temperature control via NTC allows continuous operation. Typical target applications of the S32 RGBW are stage spotlights of any size, though the module is equally suited for use in mood lights, as effect lighting for accents or as architectural lighting. By mixing different S32 RGBW values, you can create a wide range of colors, including pastel shades.

The SplitStar S32 CW – luminance is the key


Features and benefits

  • Up to 20,000 Lumen(3) (cw)
  • Up to 140 cd/mm² (3)
  • Life time up to 20.000hrs(4)
  • Customized versions possible
  • Led chips are wired in series circuits
  • Low thermal resistance 0,05 K/W(5)
  • S32 is electrically insulated

  • Cutting-edge performance enables new generation of LED searchlight fixtures with superior light output
  • Very high luminance – perfect for beam lights.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Scalable design, tailor-made based on your application
  • Chip can be driven with standard voltage and current levels 5A max (SELV)
  • Allows the design of smaller heatsinks and operation in high ambient temperature conditions
  • Chip can be mounted directly on heatsinks

3) Pulse mode operation 4) L70B50 5)NTC to backplane

Possible Layouts

16 LEDs; 4 channels; each with 2, 4 or 6 LEDs


Based on the SplitStar’s flexible design several different color options are possible


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