Designed for horticulture light research applications
and for creation of light recipes

Connected LED grow lights for optimal plant growth

Light plays a major role as it influences the biomass, cycle time, secondary metabolites and taste. By controlling the light, it is possible to increase yields, reduce production time and influence the taste, appearance and nutritional content of plants.

Research with tunable light sources in controlled environments will help to increase uniformity, productivity and quality attributes of different crops.

“We work directly with growers and scientists to bring plant quality and quantity to a new level - by providing crop-based growth recipes. OSRAM can help you find the right growth recipe for your needs. Our team of experienced scientists develops new growth recipes for your plants in a fully controlled environment.” Sebastian Olschowski, Lab Manager

PHYTOFY RL - Product Data

PHYTOFY RL is a tunable LED horticultural lighting system from UV to Far-red with real-time control and scheduling features for each individual channel. The calibrated system is designed for delivering light treatments with varying spectra, wavelength and intensity, for horticulture research. This system is the perfect choice for the research and development of plant-specific light recipes. Light control is available through a graphical user interface.

Phytofy RL

Light Source: LED

Input Power: max. 150 W

Input Voltage Autosensing 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Spectral Distribution: 385 nm, 450 nm, 521 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 2700 K

PPFD (µmol m-2 s-1)*: UV 50, Blue 250, Green 100, Hyper Red 250, Far-red 100, 2700 K 250

Dimming: 10-100 %, individually per LED channel

Networking: Wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi, RS485 protocol

Interface: OSRAM User Interface

Thermal Management: Passive cooling

Fixture Dimensions: 667 x 299 x 44 mm | 26,2 x 11,8 x 1,7 in (l x w x h)

Fixture Weight: 8,9 kg | 19,6 lbs

*Specific for three-fixture system with center-center fixture spacing of 406 mm and canopy 406 mm below fixtures.

Product Benefits

  • Tunable LED system with six different channels.
  • The variable spectra can be used for far-red end-of-day light, UV light supplementation, night-interruption, etc.
  • Advanced software, designed with plant biologists, to schedule different light treatments throughout photoperiod and/or plant life-cycle.
  • Precise irradiance map, calculated by the software – no quantum flux measurements required.
  • Thin and robust form factor, ideal for growth chambers, racks and vertical farm operations.
  • Perfect choice for developing light recipes, allowing growers and researchers to improve flavor, nutrition profile and overall production.

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Fresh Food in Outer Space

OSRAM is providing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with a customized version of its proprietary connected horticulture research lighting system, Phytofy RL. The smart lighting software, coupled with a unique setup of connected grow light fixtures, will supplement the lighting technology used in NASA's Food Production.

“OSRAM is developing smart, innovative lighting technologies that can improve food production in a variety of environments, even unique environments like space,” said Steve Graves, Strategic Program Manager of Urban & Digital Farming, OSRAM Innovation, Americas Region.

Case Study with Michigan State University

Learn more about the Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory (CELL) at Michigan State University. Discover how Dr. Erik Runkle and his team are at the forefront of research on how light quality, quantity, and duration affect plant growth and the development of food and ornamental crops.

Dr. Erik Runkle in the Department of Horticulture says that the unique, tunable light source “delivers whatever sort of light environment I want. … We can literally deliver an infinite number of possible lighting scenarios, which creates fantastic opportunities for research. Nothing like it exists elsewhere”. The lighting in CELL “gives us the capability to do some really exciting research, which can have great benefits to commercial growers as well as generate information that will advance the science of plant lighting.”

grow chamber light

Fig. 1. Lettuce and kale grown under eight lighting treatments from blue (B), green (G), red (R), and far-red (FR) light-emitting diodes. The number for each color of light indicates its photon flux density in µmol·m-2·s-1.

Figure: Qingwu (William) Meng and Erik Runkle

Photosynthesis in Plant

Basics of light and plant growth

Why is light important for plants?

The answer to this question is photosynthesis. Light drives the photosynthesis as one of the major factors, next to temperature, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients. If one of those parameters are out of the optimum range, photosynthesis will not work in the most effective way. Back to the question, light is important, but also other factors need to be examined and adjusted to provide the plant the best environmental conditions for most effective growth.

What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis describes the process of producing carbohydrates (Cn(H2O)n) and oxygen (O2) as a byproduct, out of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), by using the energy of light quanta. This process occurs inside the chloroplasts, which contain the green pigments, known as chlorophyll. One example for carbohydrates is glucose (C6H12O6). As this primary product of photosynthesis is one of the most important energy suppliers, photosynthesis can be described as the most important biochemical process on our planet, as it forms the basis for food or energy of most organisms.

Accelerate your light recipe development

Achieve your growth with OSRAM

In our Smart Farming Laboratory, we envision a future with optimized yield and superb crop quality for growers in greenhouses and vertical farms. We work directly with growers and scientists to bring plant quality and quantity to a new level through the targeted use of light. OSRAM supports growers and farmers by providing improvements to their growth strategy from light environment to cultivation and research support.

OSRAM can help you to achieve your growth goals. To accomplish this task, we are conducting research for and with you.

Your individual growth recipes – Research as a service

OSRAM can help you find the right growth recipe for your needs. Our team of experienced scientists develops new growth recipes for your plants in a fully controlled environment.

White Paper - How to optimize plant growth Case study with red Batavia lettuce


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