With the purchase of the PHYTOFY RL we provide a control software, which runs on:

  • Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later
  • Apple OS: macOS 10.10 or later
  • Linux: Ubunt 12.04 or later, Fedor 21, Debian 8

You can find the download link and the password in the user manual delivered with the fixture.

You can chain up to 100 fixtures from one port, a maximum of a total length for the RS485 line with 1 Mb/s should not exceed 120 m (400') in total. For larger or multi-zone installations use an additional Moxa NPort RS485 1-port device(s) or a Moxa NPort with 2-, 4-, or 8-port options.

The Moxa NPort adapters provided to you are already configured and ready to be plugged and used. It is very unlikely to encounter a situation which would require a factory reset of the device. Should this be necessary, please do NOT push the “RESET” button on the Moxa NPort adapter but instead contact our support for exact insructions.

By default, the Moxa NPort adapter will request an address from the network so please make sure DHCP is enabled on your router. To do so please consult the user manual of your router or otherwise your local IT department.

Please check your firewall and/or router, close the software and open again. In some cases it may be necessary to restart the Moxa NPort adapter by powering it off and back on again. Never push the “RESET” button on the Moxa NPort adapter.

First of all we suggest to check that all connections and cables are properly set. Please ensure that main power supply and Moxa NPort adapters are connected to an active power source.

Verify that Moxa NPort adapter “Ready” light is active (red or green, not relevant). If this is not happening and you are sure that the power socket has an active power line, please ensure that the feed-in cable is not only inserted in the feed-in connector but also properly screwed in.

If Moxa NPort adapter is showing “Ready” and “Link” diodes in a red state, this means that connection is not properly set. Verify that the Ethernet cables are properly plugged into the Moxa NPort and the router as well as the entire daisy chain cables are properly fitted into their panel connectors. Ensure that all the ferrules are properly tighten and DSUB connector on Moxa NPort is properly screwed in.

If, after checking that communication and power line is properly done, you are still unable to control the fixture, read carefully the Control Software User manual to ensure that you have followed all the proper passages and to verify if the software is able to communicate with the hardware (Log/Configuration sections may help to troubleshoot further).

Hit the refresh button one or more times, to make sure all the fixtures come up with relevant information (firmware versioning, temp, etc.).

There are no restrictions as long as the following are satisfied:

  • you are allowed to connect the Moxa NPorts to your controlled network,
  • your network is configured to route messages over multiple network segments enabling the Moxa NPorts to be reachable,
  • the network equipment is not filtering ports 4800 & 4001-4016,
  • the network allows to send UDP broadcasts over multiple segments.

Not directly by the Moxa NPort or the grow lights, the computer running the software will likely use NTP to sync the clock and then the software will use that indirectly.


For details watch our screencast video, see the control software user manual or see “Quick Guide” section within the software.

No, but if the irradiance distribution in the gap between the fixtures is of no interest we would recommend simply to use a layout with just one fixture.

You should work on set-up: distance from growth surface, fixtures gaps and growth surface dimensions. Working on those parameters will permit you to find the ideal homogeneity for your PHYTOFY RL system installation.

Real-time control means a user can adjust light levels, and the selected fixtures respond in real-time, allowing for a continuous level of fixture tunability.

The system can handle up to 200 items.

After you made the schedule your groups are paused by default. Go to “Groups” and activate your group by clicking on the play button in the corresponding line.

Once the schedule is transferred to your fixtures, they can run the schedule without the need of a computer.

  • If for some reasons no access to the control software is possible, all schedules on the fixtures will keep running as supposed until their predetermined end time. Everything that is scheduled to run, will continue to run.
  • In case of power outage of the fixtures, the scheduling will automatically resume after power is back on, assuming the software and Moxa NPort adapters are all properly up & running. This may take up to 10 minutes, depending on complexity of the installation. Caution: The scheduling will be resumed after a power loss assuming this option is enabled in the settings section of the software.

Currently not. Recommendation is to make sure to not enter schedules cross that date but ones which finish before or start right after.


The standard configuration is provided to you with a bus communication cable with a length of 1 m. However, we understand that you may have different requirement, we offer communication cables with a length of 3 m and 5 m. Please contact your local representative to get details and a quote for this component.

PHYTOFY RL has been designed to be flexible during setup, installation and operation for successive extensions. If you just need more fixtures and your adapter/cable length can accept more light fixtures to be plugged, you just need to order them from your local sales representative, install them as you have done the first time and finally update/create the proper layout & groups assigning the proper light recipes and their scheduling. Should you, instead, need a more complex configuration with more adapters, we suggest you to sketch your proposal and contact your local sales representative to be guided during the evaluation process.

The Software, as it is designed currently, does not permit any direct integration with an existing 3rd party control system. However, we are open to support you by providing a communication protocol documentation that will permit an integration on such regard. Please get in touch with your sales representative for further discussion and details about this topic.

This light fixture is characterized by different LED types emitting on a range from UV-A (380nm) to Far Red (730nm). Please refer to the user manual and the labels on the fixture itself.

The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced. In case of a claim please follow our claim process through our authorized re-sellers.

We offer the legal warranty period. Please contact your PHYTOFY RL distributor to get more details.