Safety first – no matter what time of day or night

Safety first – no matter what time of day or night

LED lighting solutions for adventurers of all ages

LED lighting for visible outdoor equipment

Whether they are climbing a mountain or riding a motorcycle, people become harder to see outdoors as soon as night begins to fall. Even the slightest stumble or accident can have serious consequences.

Night-time activities can now become a whole lot safer with the LED light solutions developed by OSRAM for outdoor equipment. As an outdoor equipment manufacturer, you can incorporate the lighting systems into your products to add value for your customers through enhanced safety.


LED lighting on Scout school bags

LED lighting for kids school bags

OSRAM has partnered with the Steinmann Group, which owns the Scout brand, to make the journey to and from school much safer for kids. The school bag with integrated LED module is available in specialist stores in the “Power Car” and “Silver Swan” designs as part of the limited-edition Scout Exclusive Collection. The active lighting integrated into Scout school bags helps to make kids safer in fading light, in darkness, and in poor weather conditions by making them more visible. The LED light solutions are also extremely easy to use. The safety light can be operated by even the youngest of users with a simple on/off switch.

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OSRAM Light Me Up Kit for VAUDE Backpacks and Accessories

OSRAM Light Me Up-Kit for VAUDE CityGo 23

In partnership with VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, OSRAM has developed an optional feature that will be particularly welcomed by cyclists, ski tourers, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. The OSRAM Light Me Up Kit is an LED illumination system for active visibility. The outdoor outfitter VAUDE offers several "OSRAM LED-ready" backpacks fitted for integrating the Light Me Up Kit in just a few steps, providing increased safety through greater visibility. The active lighting, supplemented by additional reflective elements, is powered by a standard rechargeable power bank with a USB connection and can easily be switched on and off. The following products are OSRAM LED ready: the technical all-rounder VAUDE CityGo series backpacks (CityGo 14, CityGo 23, and CityGo 30), the VAUDE Larice 18 and Larice 26 ski touring backpacks, the VAUDE Tool LED saddlebag, and the VAUDE ExCycling Pack multifunctional urban biking bag.

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Jack Wolfskin Backpacks with Active Lighting

Improved visibility in the dark or in poor lighting conditions was also the focus of a joint development by OSRAM and Jack Wolfskin GmbH & Co. KGaA. On your way to school or to the office or while biking or hiking, the red active illumination keeps you safe for up to nine hours. The OSRAM LED lighting system, supplemented by large areas of reflective fabric, is integrated into two new backpack models from the outdoor supplier. The power supply via a standard power bank (2500 mA) can be switched on and off. OSRAM's LED lighting systems are available for the Jack Wolfskin PROTON 18 PACK and NEURON backpacks.

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Our bright ideas for your outdoor equipment

From back-packs through bags to helmets – bring the safety of your outdoor equipment and accessories to the next level. OSRAM’s light modules are available in a variety of colors with either continuous or flashing light to suit your individual requirements. The textile items with integrated LEDs can be safely washed.* The power supply for the LEDs comes from a power bank and the wearer can control the color of the lights.

Contact us today – especially if you have your own exciting ideas on how to take safety to the next level.


*Washing temperature up to 60°C, drying up to 90°C