Safety from dusk till dawn

Safety from dusk till dawn

Smart illuminated apparels & accessories to prevent accidents and support rescue.

Smart Textile Illumination

More than 2.8 million workers1 die every year. Any second can save dozens of lives. Our vision is to reduce the number of accidents and minimize the number of fatal injuries caused by “lack of visibility” and delayed rescue.

Combine our traditional products with new digital transformation technology to enlighten people and improve their safety with effective & efficient products and solutions.

In close cooperation with our cooperation partner UVEX Safety Textiles, the first innovative LED light modules were integrated into three occupational safety products. In this project, two active luminous UVEX safety vests as well as a UVEX safety jacket (softshell), which are already marketed by UVEX, were created.

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Softshell-Jacket UVEX protection flash + storm

Softshell-Jacket UVEX protection flash + storm

Why is it important?

Active lighting provides more own security in the dark

People who work in the dark or with limited visibility such as fog or rain, from dusk till dawn are not well seen by other road users. It is necessary to wear extra protection to be seen better. Currently the visibility is increased by integrated reflector strips in work wear clothing. Work wear is often equipped with reflectors. The reflector strips are however passive, which means that they only work when they are illuminated by other road users.

In many situations this passive protection is not enough. The integration of self-luminous products from OSRAM creates a kind of active lighting that increases visibility and thus safety on the road independently of other road users.

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How it works: Integration of LED light modules in clothing

Advantages and properties

Advantages and properties of our active lightmodules

Homogeneous illumination
Flexible product design
App control supports smart features and functionalities
Durable LED, long system lifetime
Low voltage device
Power bank as power supply
Development and production for integration into your individual, final products

Active light for more safety during outdoor activities

Increases visibility of user particularly in low light and low visibility scenarios
Manufactured by the experts for light, LEDs and sensors
Quality product made by OSRAM
Certificates and Standards
  • CE
  • RoHS and REACH conform
  • Tested according to DIN EN 60598
  • ISO 9000/9001
For protective workwear but also for outdoor equipment for cycling, jogging, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, walking, skiing, skating, for school bags and much more

Product details

1. Power supply
via power bank on the USB port

2. Electronic driver
USB plug with electronic driver (with Bluetooth connection on demand to control features and functions via apps)

3. Splitter
for realization of individual designs

4. LED unit
Highly efficient OSRAM LEDs in various color variations

5. Light guide
for homogeneous light illumination (different designs possible)

(l.) UVEX protection flash vest (r.) UVEX protection flash softshell jacket + storm

(l.) UVEX protection flash vest (r.) UVEX protection flash softshell jacket + storm

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