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OSRAM’s first street-legal LED replacement lamps – now also as H4


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A shining revolution in technology and design: OSRAM’s first LED low beam lamp1 approved for road use is an innovation leader. Both H4-LED and H7-LED have been approved as a legal retrofit low beam lamp for installation in halogen-based headlights in line with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). OSRAM, the No. 1 in automotive lighting, developed the NIGHT BREAKER LED from scratch and put it through its paces in collaboration with TÜV-Süd. Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for a wide range of headlights and vehicle types, with the NIGHT BREAKER LED, you too can now experience the superior performance of state-of-the-art lighting technology in your car. For a brand-new driving experience day and night.

OSRAMs first street legal led replacement lamp
German Innovation Award Winner 2021

A lamp making history

LED technology for everyone

Benefit from better vision and visibility and at the same time, reduced glare of all other road users. This powerful LED lamp with a cool colour temperature similar to daylight brings up to 230% more brightness2 onto the streets. And it also takes the design of your vehicle to the next level! Compared to regular halogen lamps, the NIGHT BREAKER LED also ups the game with its vibration resistance and the fact that it lasts up to 5x longer, ensuring you get more driving pleasure out of it. The quality you expect from OSRAM – manufactured in a certified OSRAM plant in Italy. Upgrade to LED technology now!

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“Approval for road use is an important step which we worked on for several years.
With our LED lamps, drivers can legally, easily and cost-effectively
upgrade their halogen headlights to state-of-the-art LED technology."
Hans Joachim Schwabe, CEO of OSRAM Automotive

OSRAM's first approved LED retrofit headlamp



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We've got you covered - up to 5 years OSRAM guarantee

All NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps are entitled to 4 years OSRAM guarantee, starting from the day of purchase. NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps that have been purchased and installed at a professional workshop will get one year extra, adding up to 5 years OSRAM guarantee. Find out more about the NIGHT BREAKER LED guarantee process

Halogen out, LED in – that’s how it works

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Please check here to see whether NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps are approved for your country and vehicle and if the LEDriving ADAPTER and/or two LEDriving SMART CANBUS units will also be needed for installation. Familiarise yourself with the user manual before installation: Download (PDF)

You can easily install the lamps yourself in most cars with only a little expertise. Our videos show you how to go about installation step by step.

Your local workshop will offer a comprehensive care-free package, installing the lamps for you professionally.

Installation of the NIGHT BREAKER H7-LED in a VW Polo

Installation of the NIGHT BREAKER H7-LED in a 2 series BMW

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Our FAQs will help you answer them:

  • OSRAM’s first street-legal LED replacement lamps1
  • Up to 2230% more brightness2
  • Up to 5 times more lifetime3

1 Approved H4-LED and H7-LED headlamp for various countries. Please check countries, vehicles, and conditions before purchase here.
2 compared to minimum ECE R112. On top with 50% less glare.
3 compared to halogen lamps

To be sure that you have bought an original OSRAM LED product, OSRAM offers its customers the so-called Trust Program. This makes it possible to identify counterfeits. Further details can be found here: The OSRAM Trust Program

The design of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LED is characterised by its uniqueness in the combination of two functions - "heat dissipation" and "optimum reflector design" . The optics are rounded off by a compact lamp size for optimum fitting accuracy in the headlamp.

Furthermore, the lamps are vibration-resistant to impacts, for example due to uneven road surfaces.

Quality and performance make every OSRAM product an OSRAM original. Unfortunately, product piracy has reached a point where it is difficult to visually distinguish between original and counterfeit.

OSRAM has therefore integrated security features into the production process that allow you to authenticate your lamps online in two simple steps.

OSRAM offers a 4-year guarantee for all NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps. One extra year of guarantee can be secured if the NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps are purchased at and installed by a professional workshop. Find more info here.

Approval for the legal NIGHT BREAKER LED is a very complex process for each vehicle model. Therefore, no statement on a concrete time estimate is possible at the present time, we hope for your understanding. OSRAM is continuously working on further development.

Approval for the legal NIGHT BREAKER LED is a very complex process for each vehicle model. Therefore, no statement on a concrete time estimate is possible at this point in time, we hope for your understanding. OSRAM is continuously working on further developments. You can always find the current country and vehicle list here.

Approval in other European countries depends on the respective legal situation of the country and to what extent they accept the approval. OSRAM cannot make any generally valid statement in this regard.

The sticker supplied in the packaging should be affixed in the engine compartment or on the back of the headlamp. Applying the sticker is not mandatory.

For vehicles declared as officially approved by OSRAM, the complete light distribution has been verified according to ECE R112. For vehicles that are not declared as approved by OSRAM, installation and use in road traffic will result in the invalidation of the operating permit and the loss of insurance cover.

No, the laws of the country in which the vehicle is registered also apply abroad. This means that a vehicle cannot be objected to in a country where it is not registered. Countries with left-hand traffic (e.g. Great Britain) are an exception. Here, the driver must switch back to halogen lamps, even if the vehicle is registered in the home country.

OSRAM does not assume that there will be any queries from testing organisations or the police. If this should be the case, the OSRAM customer service offers support.

Yes, we as manufacturer recommend that the headlights get adjusted in a workshop after the lamps have been installed.

In case of any questions, please contact the OSRAM customer service. Installation accessories may be required.

Adapter, Canbus and Caps are required to install and use the lamps individually within different cars. Please note: Only genuine OSRAM accessories in connection with the NIGHT BREAKER LED lamps are approved for street-legal use.

OSRAM offers its customers a vehicle list per country with a detailed overview of the respective vehicle models, the tested headlamps and the installation accessories required for them.

The Canbus variants cover different vehicle types.

The installation accessories offered by OSRAM have been tested in combination with LED lamps and headlamps by official testing authorities and are to be used exclusively to obtain road approval.

OSRAM has carried out and passed the necessary electromagnetic compatibility tests.

No, the LEDriving SMART CANBUS developed by OSRAM also has electronics built in.

Usage notice:
The defrosting behavior and defrosting of the headlight can change due to the switch from halogen lamps to LED lamps.

1 Only applies to the respective countries in which there is approval and the vehicle models and light functions currently listed in the compatibility list. Exact conditions here.
2 As compared to the minimum ECE R112 requirements. An additional 50% less glare.
3 As compared to halogen lamps
4 Visit for precise conditions