OSRAM Trust Program

Don’t trust
your eyes.
Trust OSRAM.

Two steps to certainty

Verify your lamp(s) in just a few seconds

Quality and performance is what makes any OSRAM product an original OSRAM. Product piracy has reached a level where its hard to spot the difference between fake and original.

OSRAM implemented safety features into the manufacturing process enabling you to authenticate your xenon or halogen lamps in an easy 2-step online check.

Check your lamp now!

Step 1

Enter your label code

Type in the 7-digit label code from the packaging or simply scan the QR-code.

Step 2

Cross-check the lamp data

After the label code has been verified, please check the prompted data. It must match either the lamp data on the base of the xenon lamp(s) OR the data displayed on your halogen DUO BOX.

Start authenticating your product now.
Be sure in seconds.