Product family features
  • Expansion of DALI systems by 64 DALI control gears each time
  • Extends the DALI line by 300 m
  • Touch DIM control of 64 DALI control gears
  • Maximum power consumption in stand-by mode: 1 W
Product family benefits
  • The DALI control gears connected to the repeater operate as a group
  • Disconnection of ECG standby power via integrated load contact
  • Can be addressed via DALI
  • Cascadable


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Number of control outputs
Nominal voltage
Ambient temperature range
Type of protection
Type of installation
Data sheet
1 230 V 0…+50 °C IP20 DIN rail mounting

Information about Family

Extend your light control with the DALI REP SO, a signal repeater for use with light management systems (LMS) to extend your DALI system by 64 ECGs each time. Each repeater extends the DALI line by 300 meters, and provides TouchDIM control of 64 DALI ECGs, consuming a maximum of just 1 W when in standby mode. Ideal for use in buildings with large luminaire groups, this signal repeater allows all connected ECGs to operate as a group, and it is both cascadable and addressable by DALI. The DALI REP SO also has an integrated load contact for the disconnection of ECG standby power.
Areas of application
  • Large luminaire groups