DALI Sensor Coupler HF LS LI

Product family benefits
  • Sensor integration in DALI
  • Small housing design
Areas of application
  • Connection of light and presence sensors in DALI systems
  • Ceiling or independent installation via ECO CI KIT possible
  • Luminaire and ceiling integration
  • Installation in industry and office luminaires
  • Installation in IP protected luminaires possible
  • Areas with high ceilings
Equipment / Accessories
  • Separate installation possible with ECO CI KIT
  • Suitable for many OSRAM DALI control systems

Technical Data

Electrical data

Nominal voltage

230 V

System wattage

0.45 W

Dimensions & weight


118.0 mm


30.0 mm


21.0 mm

Mounting hole spacing, length

110.0 mm

Product weight

50.00 g

Temperatures & operating conditions

Ambient temperature range

0…+50 °C


Dimming interface


Number of control outputs


Type of installation

Luminaire integration/Ceiling integration

Certificates & standards

Type of protection


Logistical data

Commodity code


Environmental information

Information according Art. 33 of EU Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACh)

Date of Declaration


Primary Article Identifier


Candidate List Substance 1

Lead titanium zirconium oxide

CAS No. of substance 1


Candidate List Substance 2


CAS No. of substance 2


Safe Use Instruction

The identification of the Candidate List substance is sufficient to allow safe use of the article.

Declaration No. in SCIP database


Packaging information




Dimension l x w x h



4052899141728 FS

Folding box

1 128mm x 37mm x 27mm 70.00g 0.13dm³
4052899141735 VS

Shipping box

25 200mm x 140mm x 147mm 1820.00g 4.12dm³


Information about Family

With a mounting height of 2…13 meters, OSRAM’s DALI coupler for radar sensor HF LS LI is helpful when you need to connect light and presence sensors, in areas with high ceilings, to a DALI lighting system. It integrates daylight and motion detection, and is suitable for daylight-dependent control. The matching sensor gives presence detection via an active radar sensor element, while the light sensor has a working range of 20…800 lx (measured at sensor). You can install the DALI coupler for sensor HF LS LI in industrial or office luminaires, so it is great for commercial lighting and industrial lighting; you can also integrate it into the ceiling or install it independently using the ECO CI KIT. The DALI coupler for radar sensor HF LS LI lets you integrate sensors into DALI directly, while its slender housing makes it useful even where space is tight.
Product family features
  • Mounting height: 2…13 m
  • Combined daylight and motion detection
  • Suitable for daylight-dependent control
  • Presence detection via active radar sensor element
  • Light sensor operating range: 20…800 lx (measured at sensor)


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DALI Sensor Coupler HF LS LI
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