Product family features
  • Ceiling installation adapter
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for DALIeco LS/PD LI, DALIeco LS/PD LI NP, DALI LS/PD LI and DALI Sensor LS/PD LI G2

Information about Family

If your light management system (LMS) includes ceiling-mounted OSRAM sensors, the LS/PD KIT may be essential. It is a ceiling installation adapter compatible with DALIeco LS/PD LI, DALI LS/PD LI and LS/PD LI analog sensors, and makes it easy for you to ceiling-mount these units in relevant applications such as office lighting, classrooms, corridors, stairways and conference rooms.
Areas of application
  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Corridors
  • Stairways