Product family features
  • Touch DIM light and presence sensor for LEDset interface connection
  • Can also be used purely as a light sensor or purely as a presence sensor
Product family benefits
  • A setpoint for daylight-dependent control can be stored by double clicking
  • Operated via standard switches or integrated push button
  • Extremely low profile
  • Presence detection range can be restricted by snap on shutters
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for up to 2 OTi DALI Ultraflat LED drivers

Information about Family

Using the LS/PD LT2 LI UF sensor with your lighting management system (LMS) provides many benefits. This extremely low profile unit requires little space, and you can use it either as a TouchDIM light and presence sensor with an LEDset interface connection, solely as a light sensor, or purely as a presence sensor. You can use it with up to 2 OTi DALI Ultraflat LED drivers, and it is ideal for single luminaires in office lighting. The LS/PD LT2 LI UF sensor lets you store a setpoint for daylight-dependent control with a double click, and you can operate it using standard switches or the integrated pushbutton. You can also use snap-on shutters to restrict the presence detection range.
Areas of application
  • Single luminaires in office areas