NFC Scanner

Product family features
  • Small and robust NFC antenna extension
  • Provides NFC functionality to smartphones without NFC antenna using Bluetooth
  • Including passive repeater for increased signal strength
Tuner4TRONIC Field app features
  • Wireless and mains voltage-free programming of OSRAM outdoor NFC LED drivers
  • Adjustment of the light output and dimming levels of a luminaire
  • Copy and paste luminaire settings from defective to replacement LED drivers
  • Support of OSRAM's new generation OT 1DIM and 4DIM outdoor LED NFC drivers

Equipment / Accessories
  • USB cable (Micro USB type B)


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Data sheet
NFC Scanner by TERTIUM Technology
76.0 mm 42.0 mm 18.0 mm

Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Wireless programming of LED drivers using the T4T Field software

References / Links
Tuner4TRONIC software available at